Quickly Create Appointments from Tasks with Outlook 2007’s To-Do Bar

Like any geek, I spend many hours looking for ways to save a few minutes out of my day. Everybody knows that dragging emails or tasks to the calendar icon on the left hand Outlook menu will open a new appointment… but wouldn’t it be simpler to drag it to a specific day?

The To-Do bar in Outlook 2007 allows us to do just that… you can drag any item to a specific day on the calendar without having to switch views.

For illustration, I created a new task in the list…


Now just drag that task up to the day you want to create an appointment…


And up pops a new appointment, already keyed to the correct day. Instead of having to select the date, it’s already done for us!


You might notice the example dates are way in the past… I wrote this tip and then forgot to post it. At least I shaved a few seconds off my day!

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