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Quickly Create Appointments from Tasks with Outlook 2007’s To-Do Bar

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Like any geek, I spend many hours looking for ways to save a few minutes out of my day. Everybody knows that dragging emails or tasks to the calendar icon on the left hand Outlook menu will open a new appointment… but wouldn’t it be simpler to drag it to a specific day?

The To-Do bar in Outlook 2007 allows us to do just that… you can drag any item to a specific day on the calendar without having to switch views.

For illustration, I created a new task in the list…


Now just drag that task up to the day you want to create an appointment…


And up pops a new appointment, already keyed to the correct day. Instead of having to select the date, it’s already done for us!


You might notice the example dates are way in the past… I wrote this tip and then forgot to post it. At least I shaved a few seconds off my day!

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  • Published 10/25/07

Comments (5)

  1. Frank

    My Outlook 2007 will not carry apporints from the calendar to the To-Do bar page. To-Do bar claims “no upcoming appointments” when in fact I have a few appointments on the calendar for the next two days.

    To Do Bar Options will not allow me to change the numbr of appointments to show, it remains on 3.

    It was working until this week and I am not sure what I changed

    Any thoughts?


  2. N

    Thanks! I didn’t think that you could do this. This will be helpful, much appreciated tip.

  3. Kendra Von Achen

    The piece that’s missing from this is the ability to then mark the Task as complete directly from the Appointment (since that now is your main focus of tracking). This would be a great feature. Either it doesn’t exist (and Microsoft should think of it), or I missed something. If I missed something, please fill me in, as that would be an awesome feature!

  4. Kenny

    This is a great feature that I will definitley use, but I want to change an appointment to a task. Please advise.

  5. PedroW

    Thanks for this helpful article. After reading it I started to experiment with drag and drop. You can drag a task onto the calendar and drop it in the timeslot where you plan to carry out the task. That automatically creates the appointment. Good if you have two Windows open, one for tasks and one for Calendar. That is the way I run Outlook.
    Then I remembered the “daily task list” which is at the bottom of the calendar. By switching that on (view/daily task list/normal) you get a view of all the tasks scheduled for each day. You can then drag the task up onto your chosen timeslot in the calendar and create the appointment, with reminders.
    So now at the beginning of each day I take some time to drag all my tasks into the free timeslots in my calendar for that day.
    Then I am driven by my calendar with reminders.

    Let me know if this trick works for you. ;-)

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