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Quickly Add Captions to Your Graphics in Word 2007

When your documents include pictures, charts, or other graphics it’s nice to add a caption to describe more to the reader.

Select the picture or graphic you want to add your caption to.  Click the References tab on the Ribbon, Choose Insert Caption, click the New Label button and type in your caption.


This will bring you back to the Caption box and as you can see the Caption and Label fields are populated.  Click OK one more time.


Word applies the caption to the image which I highlighted in green.  You can use this for any type of image in your Word document.


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  • Published 06/23/07

Comments (4)

  1. mel

    How do I get rid of the numbering, I want to use the caption to ‘source’ stuff for uni…lecturers dont want numbers with our captions

  2. Hanke

    Captions work fine, but when I want to change the layout and move the picture, the captions stay at their original place, I want to lock them to the picture, is this possible?

  3. Peter

    If you want to refer to a picture or diagram in your text how should you do this? For example if I wanted to say “as can be seen in figure 2”. If I added in another diagram and figure 2 became figure 3 I would want the text to now correctly refer to figure 3.

  4. Peter

    For anyone else wondering the same as I was in my previous comment. To refer to one of your captions, click references, then cross-reference then select the reference type you want, then the object that you want to refer to.

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