Make To-Do Bar in Outlook 2007 Show Only Today’s Tasks

One of the best new features in Outlook 2007 is the To-Do bar, where you have quick access to your calendar as well as your task list. Unfortunately, the default setting of showing all of your tasks regardless of date can be overwhelming for anybody that has a lot of tasks, and just isn’t all that helpful.

One of the first things I did when I started using Outlook 2007 was to change the filter to only show the tasks for the current day, or if you want, you can also show tasks that are overdue as well.

To change this setting, just right-click on the “Arranged By” column and then choose Custom from the menu.


Note: You could just click the Filter button and then change the Time drop-down on the Tasks menu to “due” and the second drop-down to “today”. The only problem with this is that it won’t show overdue tasks, so we’ll do it a different way.

In this step, we’ll click on the Filter button, then click the Advanced tab, then click the Field drop-down button. Choose Date/Time fields and then Due Date from the menu.


Now change Condition to “on or before” and type in today into the Value box.


Now we’ll see Today’s tasks as well as the overdue ones.


But you’d never forget to do something, would you? =)

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