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Make Row Labels In Excel 2007 Freeze For Easier Reading

If you have large and long workbooks or Excel spreadsheets, being able to see the column or row labels is extremely important.  Here is a quick way to freeze the labels in place for fast and easy viewing of your data.


Click on View on the Ribbon and select Freeze Panes.


Now click Freeze Top Row.  If you want to Freeze other rows as well just highlight them before choosing Freeze Panes.


That’s it!  Now as you can see by the example, you will be able to scroll throughout the document while keeping the column or rows in place.


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  • Published 06/26/07

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  1. Misha Mona Chandra

    this was exatly what I was looking for. thank you.

  2. Rafael

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  3. Brian

    Thank you very much, It is very helpful!!

  4. alex

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    much appreciated your help..

  5. jeeva

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  6. mohammad

    this was exatly what I was looking for. thank you very very much.


  7. Rupesh

    this facality is very good…

  8. CK

    How would I freeze Row 1 AND Column A at the same time, so if I scrolled right I kept the names and if I scrolled down I kept the headings?

  9. srinivasa

    Thank you it is very useful, keep updating with latest information



  11. Umair Lakho

    Great Man! this is what i am looking 4 !!

  12. doyle

    This was exactly what I needed. Great screenshots.

  13. dog

    what if I want to freeze the second or third row? or more that one row? I have the title of the page in the first row and the info I want frozen is in the second row.

  14. ian yamato

    thank you very very very much!!!!!

  15. Pradeep

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  16. Sreekumar M

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