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Make Excel 2007 Print Gridlines In Workbook File

By Default Excel does not print out gridlines with your Excel data.  Here is how to make Excel print out the gridlines for easier document readability.

When you are ready to print out the Excel document click Page Layout tab on the Ribbon, then click on Page Setup


In the Page Setup dialog box click on the Sheet tab.  Place a checkmark next to Gridlines and click OK.  When you print your document you will now have the gridlines appear with your data!


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  • Published 06/24/07

Comments (32)

  1. Betty J. Nestico

    I have followed the instructions on how to print the gridlines on a Excel worksheet and I still can’t get them to print…any other suggestions??


  2. virginia gojar milan

    i want to learn about computers and want for self study i have no knowledge about it and itss the business of my husband can you help me please i want to help him in his business

  3. mysticgeek


    This site is probably the best place you can come for tutorials on whatever you need to do. If you have specific questions you can always use our forum. Or simply email myself or The Geek!

  4. Computer Geeky

    Same problem here, I followed the instructions and could not get the gridlines to print in excel 2003 and also now in office 2007. Very frustrating, can anyone help?

  5. Brad

    Go to the “Home” tab at the top left.In the “Font” field, under the font size, there’s a box icon divided into four squares, hover your mouse over i and it will say “All Borders”. Clicking it will print all your grid lines.

  6. Noelle

    Cool, thanks for the help everybody!

  7. Iftekhar Khan

    Brad ,I tried that way and it did not print with gridline,so I went on page setup and check marked the gridlines and it worked,Thanks a lot.

  8. kirk

    My girlfriend is having a problem with the gridlines not printing. she followed all of these steps, which worked if you create a new document in excel 2007 but will not print grid lines if she opens a file that was previously saved in excel 2003.

    help would be appreciated.

  9. Pete

    Excel 2007 will not print or print preview the gridlines if you have “Draft quality” checked on the Sheet tab of Page Setup.

  10. Tom

    Thanks for that tip Pete. I was helping a user with a no gridlines printing issue and ran into a brick wall trying to resolve it. Your tip did the trick.

  11. Bruno

    None of that worked until I also set my print area to include the whole page, duh. So, maybe some other user will forget to do that too first thing… SO

  12. Alan


    Thanks for the help but I am frustrated that I can’t find a “Home”tab at the top left. Top left of what? Sorry to be so dumb

  13. Alan

    See above

  14. Alan

    Alan again. Here’s a 99% solution. File/Page Set Up/ Tick gridlines/OK then put some characters in the bottom right cell (above the page break) and print

  15. MaMegabyte

    Make sure you DO NOT have the “Draft Quality” check-box checked on the print setup screen–if you do, the gridlines will not print.

  16. Treasure

    Is there any way to have the grid lines print out solid as opposed to the “dots” There doesn’t seem to be a choice with excel

  17. John

    How do you print gridlines on just part of a sheet? Say for instance, you want a narrative paragraph up above, and your tabular infor with gridlines only below? What then?

  18. sharon

    I have downloaded an excel workbook from my boss’s computer which had 2003. I need to print the payroll report in landscape at a reduced print size. My computer will not print landscape but her computer will print the same report off my computer in the landscape form. I have chatted on line with HP help and they told me to uninstall my printer software and reinstall. I did and it printed one page correctly but not any more. When you look at the print preview it shows ok but still won’t print correctly. Can anyone help

  19. Anwen

    I am having the same problem as Sharon had back in December – it’s driving me insane? Print preview will show the landscape layout but even though I change to landscape, set print area and then save, it just goes back to portrait? Thanks for any help anyone may be able to give! :-)

  20. Mark

    Thanks to Pete for his suggestion. I had done all the other things suggested, but if you leave draft quality ticked, it will not print out the gridlines – not something I would ever have thought of so thanks again

  21. putytatt

    I tried all those things and it still doesn’t print out the gridlines. All the print gridlines boxes are checked, just changed the print quality from draft to presentation (also tried other options), clicked home tab and clicked all borders, and set the print area. Color is set to automatic. What else am I missing?

  22. Kathy

    I am trying to print Excel Spreadsheet with gridlines in Landscape format. All it prints is 1 column down one side in Portrait format. Help please.

  23. tr

    We have followed the whole instructions here draft quality and grid lines etc. Nothing worked.

  24. Heather

    I re-saved my spreadsheet as Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls) instead of the original Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) and was FINALLY able to get the spreadsheet to print with gridlines. I may need to download the latest driver software for my printer. I did not try that, but reverting to the older version of Excel seemed to do the trick. :)

  25. dilipe


    1.Open your Excel Sheet.
    2.Click “Home” in top left of the sheet.
    3.Select the area which you want to print out with gridlines.
    To Select, just hold down the left button of the mouse and drag around.

    4.Now,find “All Borders”. This is also located on top left of the sheet,just below Font type and Font Size. Now,click on drop-down-menu
    of “All Borders” and select “All Borders” again from the drop down list.

  26. devraj

    dear sir
    i want to know about formula bar how can be lock so that nobody see the my formula which is make by me have a secret.
    thanks you

  27. Emily

    I am having trouble printing in excel. When I pull up print preview, my document looks fine. When I print, each cell prints like it’s cutting off the bottom left corner. Each cell looks like it’s printing diagonally without the bottom left corner.

  28. Bonnie

    My problem is that it when I do the all borders, the gridlines appear in the view but when I do print preview it has all of the row lines and only some of the row lines, the row lines in the middle of document are there, but the one between the first two rows and the last two rows is missing.

    Any suggestions

  29. Christie

    Perfect. Between setting my gridlines and Bruno’s bit about selecting the print area, I was able to FINALLY :D print grid lines in Excel 2003. Thanks!

  30. David

    I want to print every 5 or 10, etc. gridlines on an Excel spreadsheet. Or make every 5 or 10, etc. darker to make it easier to read or follow the lines.
    How do I do this?

  31. will

    If nothing seems to work, try copying all your data onto a new spreadsheet as values only and do the borders over again. Or you can test it out by opening a completely new sheet, creating just one enclosed border around a cell and try printing that. If it works, then redo borders on a completely new shhet. Sometimes excel/printer is glitchy and you need to start over.

  32. Bill

    Make the switch to open office. It’s free and it works the way it should.

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