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Fun at Work: Microsoft Word "Easter Egg"

This isn’t exactly an easter egg, because it’s actually documented in Microsoft’s knowledge base, but it’s one of those features that you just weren’t expecting so it still qualifies.

This should work in any version of Microsoft Word… Just open up a new document, and then type in =rand() into the document:


And then hit enter…  voila! Three paragraphs of text will be instantly added…


You can add more than 3 paragraphs or more than 5 sentences per paragraph by using the following syntax


For instance, for 6 paragraphs of 20 sentences each, you would use:



You can also use =lorem() instead of rand(), with the same syntax if you wanted to insert the Lorem Ipsum text instead of completely random text. Thanks to will in the comments for the update!

I’ve also added an example of the lorem ipsum generator.


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  • Published 09/4/07

Comments (27)

  1. scott

    What is the purpose of this????

  2. The Geek

    There’s not really a purpose for it… that’s why the title says “Fun at work”

    It’s just an interesting trick.

  3. Wikzo

    OpenOffice got some fun easter eggs like a Tic-Tac-Toe and Space Invaders game.

    Find them here:


  4. Juliana Peña

    Any way to make this insert Lorem Ipsum instead of the Word help text?

  5. will

    you can also do =lorem()

  6. The Geek


    I had no idea you could also use the =lorem()… that’s awesome.

  7. Dillz42

    Just a small note, Microsoft office 2003 will use the sentence “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” instead of random text from help.

  8. Scarleth

    This is actually example text for paragraph structure and font settings, its not meant to be anything specific except text for you to work with.

  9. pipo

    i don’t think =lorem() works for MS Office 2003

  10. Anonymous

    pipo, you’re right. it doesn’t work in MS office 2003, at least not on mine.

    – Anonymous

  11. Anonymous

    um, i’m the anonymous who you don’t know, not them crazy guys. lol haha. (really im the unknown one)

  12. Dr. Gaeta

    Well…some of the computers at the school have yet to be upgraded to MS Office 2007 and are on 2003 and I can get ther Lorem Ipsum text…

  13. Richard Hong

    I teach how to set up attractive formats for newsletters, etc. I often need text “fillers” to demonstrate how to place them in various columns, how to have them continue on subsequent pages, etc. Generating random text is a great aid to create model templates.

  14. Ivan Smirnov

    There’s one more for you, and it is said to work in all redcent Word versions. I tested it on Word2007:
    Press ctrl+alt+NumPlus
    Cursor will turn into a funny shape
    Now if you click any ribbon button (if you click Splitbutton/MenuButton – you;ll have to click one of the resulting menu items, and it won’t work on Galleries), a dialog will appear, allowing you to add/remove/modify keyboard shortcut for that item.
    Or, instead of clicking buttons, you can press a key combination. If it is assigned, a dialog will apear allowing you to change or remove it.
    Actually, pressing the combination twice will explain the trick: the Ctrl+Alt+NumPlus keyboard shortcut is by default assigned to “ToolsCustomizeKeyboardShortcut”.
    So it is not an easter egg, just like most things listed here, but a (most likely) documented and intended feature buried deep.

  15. Jacques

    There is one easter egg using that “=rand()”, but with a long cryptic looking code in the brackets… it prints “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” over 255 pages. Anyone know about this? I knew how to do this a few years back but have since forgotten how..

  16. David

    Type” = rand (200,99)” without quotations to get that sentence on hundreds of pages!

  17. Mark

    Word 2007 can still access the old “Quick Brown Fox” generator by typing in the following:


    Again as mentioned above you can enter in the amount of paragraphs and sentences you require.

  18. Andy

    thanks for the heads up on =lorem() thingie. I need that sometimes, and although mostly I use Firefox ‘Lipsum’ plugin to generate it, this might come in handy sometimes (like putting 20 extra pages in the middle of err… oh, you get the idea).

    btw, the text =rand() generates is useless. It has meaning and therefore distracts your attention from the layout.

  19. Emma

    anyone no any good websites containing game eastereggs ????????????????????????????????


  20. lee

    Very handy for people who work in document management, development, VBA etc thats why it is useful.

  21. Bones84

    I teach MS word to 10-13 year olds, and sometimes you need a few paragraphs of text to show them formatting tools, this is a great way to get instant text to work with, instead of typing something yourself.

  22. Nick

    I’m Greek, so I use the Greek version of MS Word 2007 and when I type in =rand.old() poetic lyrics pop out :P Found this pretty and thought about sharing this ^^ (The lyrics are: Freedom needs boldness and courage to be achieved.) (not sure about the last one <–).

  23. jan

    dit is cool maar ik weet er nog een =rand(200,90)

  24. Anonymous

    Does anyone know a site that has all the eastre eggs? Can someone tell me anymore???

  25. Nitrous100

    You can type in this:

    =rand.old ()

  26. Varg

    And you can adjust the specs

    =Rand.Old(100, 100)

    for pages and pages of meaningless text~! :D

  27. Someone

    Q33 NY in the font of wingdings
    There is a reference to 9/11

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