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Easily Rotate Pictures In Word 2007

When you are including graphics in a Word document many times you want to place the image in a particular way or at a certain angle. Word 2007 has just the tool for the job.

Open your Word document and click on the picture or graphic you want to move.  You will see the edit outline around your graphic.  Now left click the top green knob and hold the object and start to rotate it.


Below you can see the graphic start to move.


In the second picture here I added an object and am rotating it as you will notice the first graphic is at an angle.


Here is the result of a couple of simple objects in a Word 2007 document that I rotated around a bit so you have an idea. 


You can do this with any picture, graphic, and even text!

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  • Published 07/4/07

Comments (6)

  1. whs

    This works well, BUT, if you insert e.g. apicture into a shape (or a textbox), you can turn the shape but not the picture in it. At least I have not yet found the trick. If anybody knows, I would be grateful.

  2. lacalacaloca

    yeha, it does not work if you place an image or text within the shape. i.e. add a basic square shape and try to rotate it. Image from file or clipboard pasted inside the shape will not rotate

  3. Bentricky

    What Mysticgeek forgot to mention was you need to right-click the image and go to “Format Picture” first…then to the “Layout” tab, and set your picture to “TIGHT” layout.

    If you’ve ever had problems pasting pictures into word, ten minutes playing around with this tab will make it a whole lot easier…find out what each layout does, but for your basic “Copy, paste, crop, resize, rotate and whack it anywhere you want” type format, use Tight. To make things a little neater. use “In line with text” and space the image away from your text with a press of the “Tab” key.

    Don’t trust me on this stuff though, I’m no expert.

  4. Bentricky

    Oh, I forgot to say, you can’t rotate it if its inside a textbox either.

  5. Robin

    THANKYOU! Bentricky! So helpful!!! Stupid Word I haven’t used it in forever, Much easier to use adobe Illustrator! but thanks for the help!

  6. Danny Garcia

    Bentricky, you are a saint! Thanks! (Thank you, too, Mystic Geek.)

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