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Microsoft Excel is used by companies and individuals to keep track of and compute virtually anything that requires numbers. If you are computing financial symbols, did you know there’s a way to have Excel automatically update those values online?

You can use smart tags in Excel to keep track of your stock quotes.  (Keep in mind you do need an Internet connection for this).  With this feature Excel will connect to MSN Money Central to download the information.

First we need to enable the smart cell feature by clicking the Office Button \ Excel Options \ Proofing \ AutoCorrect Options and click on the Smart Tags tab. Make sure and place a check next to Financial Symbol.  Click OK twice to get back to your worksheet.

Now that smart tags are enabled all we need to do is enter in our favorite stock symbol using all capital letters (in this instance I am using Microsoft).  Now hover the mouse over the lower left corner of the cell until the smart tag appears and click.  Select Insert refreshable stock price.


Now select where you would like the starting cell or you can also choose a new work sheet.  Click OK.


Excel will go retrieve the information regarding the stock from MSN Money Central.  This will also include hyperlinks to additional information which will open in a separate browser.

Is this a feature you’d actually use?

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