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Create A Report in MS Access 2003 Using Report Wizard

Microsoft Access is used within many businesses to store and access information. You can also create a simple report easily using the Report Wizard.

Open your Access Database and click on Reports located under the Objects field on the left hand side.  On the top toolbar click on the New button to start a new report.

In the New Report window select Report Wizard and below that choose from the drop down list which query or table you want to gather data to create the report. In this instance I want to create a report about Tech_Company’s Customers.  After you have the correct data selected click OK.


This next part of the wizard allows you to select the various fields from the table or query you selected.  This is great when you only want to create a report based on specific data within a table.  Highlight the information in the Available Fields and press the arrow button to move it into the Selected Fields.  Here I selected the customers First Name, Last Name, City, and Phone Number.  At this point you could select Finish, but let’s use a bit more functionality of the wizard, click on Next.

In this window you can select to add grouping to various parts of your data.  Because I am demonstrating a simple report (additional tutorials on custom report writing are coming soon), just click on Next. 

Here you choose what order the data will appear in the report.  This is a customization you will need to decide on based upon how you wish to present the data.  Here I choose to sort the Last Name of each customer in Ascending order. 


This is where you will choose the layout of the report.  Once again depending upon how you wish to present the data will determine the layout.  For this report I choose Layout = Tabular, Orientation = Portrait, and I usually find it best to make sure to check the box “Adjust the field width so all fields fit on a page.  This ensures all the relevant data is on each page and not scattered on multiple pages.  Click on Next.

Next you will choose the style or appearance of the report.  Once again use your best creative judgement.  For this report I am choosing Bold.  Click on Next.


You are almost done!  Choose a name for your report.  If this is going to be a report you plan on saving and running from time to time, make sure and use a good naming convention so you and other database users can easily find the report and run it.  After you have named your report click Finish.


You will now see the results of the report you created.  From here you can print the report, go back and make design changes, or maybe add additional tables or fields.  If you are happy with how the report looks then save it and you will then be able to pull it up when you need it.


If you are not familiar with Access at all I would recommend going to the Roadmap to Access 2003 Training. 

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  • Published 05/16/07

Comments (35)

  1. Delores Lawrence

    I need to generate a report consisting of expiration dates for a set time duration. This report needs to run every 4 weeks and have the ability to notify me of the last user included in the last run report. How do I develop this report.

  2. mysticgeek


    From the information you provided, You will want to go with a Custom Report. Your best option for this is to use “Design View” in creating the report. This way you can include the Queries and Tables necessary and also control the design of the report generated. You will also want to create a Macro or Macro Group which will run a series of actions … various queries and/or reports.

    To have it run automatically every 4 weeks, what you can do is rename the Macro “Autoexec” This will run the Macro every time the database is opened. Then use Windows built in utility Task Scheduler to open and run on whatever date and time you specify.

    If you need more specific information just let me know. I can create a tutorial on how to accomplish these tasks.

  3. Andy

    Hi, I just took over administration of a program designed in MS Access several years ago. I have several questions, but most pressing is customization of several reports. I am trying to add text to one in particular that had the text surrounded by a quotes (a string I suspect). As I try to hit return to add text, nothing happens. Anyadvice on adding regular text to an existing string? Also, the program was created in Access 2003. Is it possible to upgrade to 2007 without losing functionality? Thank you in advance for your help.


  4. aravindan

    Microsoft Office Access can’t find the macro ‘Macro1’
    the macro ( or its macro group) does’nt exit ,or the macro is new but has,nt been saved
    note that when you enter the macro groupname.macroname syntax in an argument ,you must to specify the name the macro’s macro group was last saved under

    the above report message comes again again while running the report
    i am not able to get the printable view of the report

    try to clear the error ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. weiz

    Hi, I have to create a report displaying specific information. I dont know how to set a where condition for the records that are to be selected. I am using Microsoft Access 2003, please help me perform this task.

  6. Laura

    Thanks to who make this page. Alot

  7. mysticgeek

    @ weiz … are you going into Design View in the query related to the report?

  8. bes

    I’ve created a report that sorts by a specific GPA number. I want all the data associated with that GPA number to show up on the page(s). When a new GPA number appears it should start on the next page and list its associated data and so on…..

    I have the report sorted by the GPA number but all the GPA numbers(associated data) are showing up on each page of the report.

    How can I push the GPA number to print by page only?


  9. kan


  10. CamTT

    I want to create a report based 4 different tables. I would like to seperate the report into sections for each table. Each section would show the data based on a query. Each section would require headers. What would you recommend is the best method of doing this? Sub-reports?

  11. Ankesh Kumar

    I am trying to creating a report by writing query but i have not taken all field into the report. I have written where clause in query in which i have filtrated date, but this field is not required in the report. So, i have not kept this field into select field. The report are working if i have already opened the design view of that report. Means query are executing properly but if i am not opening design view then the query is looking for date field by showing a pop up window for date. Can any body guide me for the problem.

  12. Ankesh Kumar

    hi mr. bes,

    simply by changing your design of report you can do this thing easily. Just keep all columns that you want in the report in a sequence. Means keep first column in top, second column just below the first column not beside the first column and third under the first two and so on……

  13. Guna

    I want to build report using Access such like payment summary report so before generate the report i want to have chooice to select what kind of payment where i want have like a combo list box to choose the department than only i want create the report according to primary key value where each primary key will have its own report.

  14. Wendy

    I have Access 2003. I need to change the Report Design Wizard from letter size paper to legal size paper. Most of my reports are too large for letter size paper. I am spending too much time resizeing and moving information. How do I set the wizard to use legal size paper not letter?

    Question 2. I have a report that has a field that is a date but it is showing as a numberal instead of a date. The query & table is in date format. Why is the report showing in numeral format? How can I fix this?

  15. orchid lwin

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know in query that today is weekday or weekend so that I will need to do some operations.
    Please reply me.

  16. Srikanth

    I have designed an access database to keep track of my expenses and incomes. even though the query shows expenses arranged in ascending order (jan .. feb..march..). but when it comes to report based on this query, the months are arranged in ascending order according to alphabets..(dec..jan..march..may.nov..etc). what can i do to make the reports with months arranged in ascending order from jan to dec. and not alphabetical ascending order

  17. mam

    I am getting message “Wizard is unable to create report”
    I could not create report, need help on this problem. I am using Access20003 under Windows Vista.
    My email memon.m.ashraf AT


  18. marlon

    hallo i have a big problem i’m designing mine own database with acces but everytime i have to make e new report for example week 1 another report week 2 another report, but its the same kind of info.

  19. Joaquin

    Hello,I would like to know how to ge a report in access,but just entering a star date and end date.
    I mean to show information according date entry range.



  20. jade

    i want to have a pop up box on the window to give any user in the organization
    a way to just report the problem by answering a few questions and it being sent as a email to the manager

    how can do this using VB or SQL
    can i even do it to run back into access with stored information so i can at least create repeorts.

  21. jamie

    how to make a better layout on reports

  22. dada

    how to create a report in ms access for coloums to row (multipul)pleace send me sample for id vbdada67 at

  23. Tana

    Hi i need some help, i have created many reports but this one seems to not want to work. I am creating a report on an existing query which i have only slightly modified, the only thing i have changed is a criteria and parameter that asks the user to input the ID number of the individual i want to create the report on instead of writing a report about everyone. The problem occurs when i try to use the report wizard none of the fields show up at all. This is odd as this query is exactly the same as the other as i copy/pasted it changed its name and modified a criteria, the relationships all match and the query works perfectly but im unable to make a report from it.. Can anyone please help? Thanks….

  24. sarah

    How do you make a report with a query?
    Need for exam,

  25. Rajiv

    How can i install ms access in Windows 7?

  26. Himadri Paul

    I have created a two database tables and two pages to get a report.,.,., page 1 contains data from the Database : “order Query” page two contains the data from database : “detail Query”.,.,.,now i need to display after running the page as page 2 is embedded in Page 1.,.,.,I dont know how to call the page 2 from page 1.,.,.,.,and the values generated in Page 2 should be displayed in page 1.,.,.,.,
    Can any one help me out of this problem.,.,.,???


  27. Junior

    Hi,I must create a report based on the current data in the database in a call centre system,so I want to know if i have to design a new form with textbox,label and buttons.The report must be about the calls logged n closed on a speceified client when the user enters Ref number of the client.

  28. rishi

    thanks for surporting to me.

  29. arlene

    i created a form wherein i can print it everytime i finish encoding, but when i am trying to print, the next page was already cut or added the other part of the following page. please help me on how to add page break in the form. thank you.

  30. Amanda

    I’m tryina create a report with a date range criteria, and I tried conditional formatting, but it only makes the applicable fields look different, I want ONLY the applicable fields to be displayed.
    Should I create a query and then convert that into a report?
    Is that the only way that I can get this done?
    Please reply asap.
    I’ll be so grateful. :)
    Thank you!

  31. m2k1981

    hi i read ur post as much as possible regurding ms access but i’m not satisfied. Basically i’ve created a database. and i want to creat logon with user id and password and add some administrative powers to adminisrator of that databse. help if you can. You can have look at database at google documents.

  32. Rishi

    I just have NAMES and PHONE numbers as my data. I want to create a report but it becomes too many pages. I want to make 3 columns of names and phone numbers so that the number of pages is reduced. How do i do that?

  33. Divakar

    I just have create an access 2003 report & want’s to use in vb 6.0 forms for displaying report. Can it possible. if it then please give me advice. please ………….

  34. Anna


    I tried to widen the width of a column in a report created with access in order to get the full name of the item to show up in this column, but when I tried to expand the column nothing changes. I’ve also tried to reduce the font size but still the name of the item remains truncated. I’ve moved columns next to this column to give it more room and still nothing changes. I know that there is room for the name to fit as there are other words that are longer that fit, but these particular words just keep cutting off at the same place. Any suggestions as what could be causing this and how I can fix this problem? Thank-you!

  35. Farhad

    Hello! ho cane I create a student result report
    there have 10 subjects and 5 division
    <33 fail
    33-50 3rd
    51-70 2nd
    71-80 1st
    81-100 star

    please help me

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