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Copy a Group of Cells in Excel 2007 to the Clipboard as an Image

If you want to share a small part of your Excel worksheet but don’t want to send an Excel file, you can copy part of the worksheet to the clipboard as a picture instead, which can be pasted into any application that supports images, such as your favorite image editor.

The command in Excel 2007 to do this is oddly located on the Paste menu in the Ribbon. From the Home tab, click on the drop-down menu under the Paste button, and select As Picture \ Copy as Picture.


Now you will get a dialog asking you how you want to copy the picture. If you want to paste the picture into any application, you’ll need to select “As shown on screen”, and then “Bitmap”.


Now your cell data should be on the clipboard, ready to paste into any application that allows you to paste in a bitmap. Here’s an example of a bitmap I pasted into the editor I use for writing articles here:


Very useful!

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  • Published 07/4/07

Comments (11)

  1. Andrew Griffiths

    Your post alerted me to this very useful feature; thank you. However, I still use Excel 2003 a lot as many of my colleagues have not upgraded. After some research I found that the same feature exists in 2003. Amazingly, it’s completely hidden! Hold down the shift key and click on edit to reveal.

  2. mysticgeek


    Thank you for the additional information about 2003!

  3. Angel

    I had been looking for this ever since I upgraded. I thought Microsft had done away with this nifty trick!

  4. max bernat

    “Hold down the shift key and click on edit to reveal.”

    That is awesome! and so puzzling that MS would keep this a secret…(just tried it and it worked like a charm!)


  5. G

    very good help…..however i need to copy the row (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) and column (A, B, C, D, ect) labels using Office 2007

    pls help

  6. Amie

    This just revolutionized how I can work tables into my reports. Thanks for the great tip!

  7. J

    I’ve been looking for this for months now! I didn’t want to upgrade to 2007 until I found the answer cause I’ve been coping worksheets with the “Shift+Edit” feature for a while to email them.
    It’s another way to keep people from editing spreadsheets.
    Thanks for the info…

  8. hihi

    wow, thanks for the shift + edit tip!!! saved me soo much hassle

  9. zorglub


  10. Mayank

    it was of great help.

  11. Kyle

    I’ve been drawing process flow diagrams in Excel for a while, but always had to stitch screenshots together to make an image in the past. (Any printing or PDF output looks horrible) This is awesome! Thanks!

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