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Change Outlook Startup Folder

Outlook 2007 and earlier versions display the Outlook Today page when you first start up, but for most people it’s a fairly useless page since you just want to get to your email anyway.

You can disable Outlook Today easily, or you can use the advanced options to choose a particular folder to start in. You can start by just clicking on the Customize Outlook Today button.


Then just uncheck the “When starting, go directly to Outlook Today” checkbox, which should set the Inbox as the default startup folder.


If it doesn’t, or if you want to make outlook display a different folder on startup, open Outlook Options, click on the Other tab, and then click on Advanced Options.


In this dialog, you can click the Browse button and choose a different folder if you want. You can even choose Search Folders in Outlook 2007, which can be very useful…


For instance, you could choose the Followup Today search folder to only see items that you’ve flagged to follow up with on the current day. Quite useful!

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  • Published 07/18/07

Comments (14)

  1. chanio

    Nice article!

    There is another alternative. A freeware that lets you customize Outlook’s Today main page… installs easy, has a style sheet to add a background image, for example, or create your own color schemes.

    As it is opensource, you might want to contribute with your dessigned styles for others to enjoy.

    It’s main purpose of existence is directed towards a new fashion in office working that is called Getting Things Done or GTD. Just google GTD and read a little about it.

    The main page lets you organize all what Outlook allows you in a way classified by categories that are later timed and checked constantly.

    You would not only install a new face for your Today page but also start using one of the most actual ideas for organization and time optimization!

  2. The Geek


    I agree, Jello dashboard is very cool… I’ve used it in the past.

  3. dave

    thanks, that is well hidden, options, other, advanced ??

  4. charlie

    I called Boeings PC Enterprise help desk and was sent this http to address my issue and I don’t get it!
    My problem.
    When I start-up my pc each morning my inbox and calendar are loaded up as part of my automated set-up process. Frequently, another persons calendar appears on my screen….. I must then shut down that calendar and open my own.
    Takes too many therbligs – need it fixed please.

    Don’t know why I was sent this website and how does this fix the problem????
    Ain’t it great Boeing off-loaded this service and now it takes 15 people 6 hours to not resolve an issue it used to take 1 person less than 4 miutes to fix?
    Speaking of Turkeys – Happy Thanksgiving –

  5. Mikel Ward

    Setting an IMAP search folder as the startup folder doesn’t work for me. It starts up in Personal Folders/Inbox.

  6. Thomas Couey


    Same here. Looks like a bug in Outlook 2007. I just switched over to IMAP on Gmail today and this has been the only serious issue that I’ve had, but it’s a pain.

  7. Daniel

    Thanks, very helpful. Setting to IMAP folder, which is the reason I came here, works! (It’s not Gmail, though, so that may be a Google-specific issue?).

  8. Nicola


    When i open outlook my inbox folders don’t show automatically, even though I exit the programme with them open. Is there a way to keep these folders open at all times?

    I hope its not too complicated as I am not very techy!

  9. Tomas

    Is it possible to change the startup folder via GPO ?

  10. lewis carswell

    although, i didn’t understand much of this, i think it opened my eyes.

    My concern is how to create new groups of contacts within outlook. I’ve found that this is one way to establish categories for iphones to sync into groups straight from outlook.

    If you can help me, fine.


  11. Erik

    perfect… thanks!

  12. Bruce

    Thank you, worked like a charm! :-)

  13. Mac

    When I try to start Outlook 2010 under Zimbra, I never get past the ‘loading profile’ screen. If I reboot,
    it will start up once but only once. I have to reboot to make it start up completely again.


  14. nog omo

    What is the equivalant of the ‘Outlook Today’ feature in the Office 2011 for Mac?

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