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Change Outlook 2007 to Show Subject Line Above Sender

If you’d rather see the subject line as the top line when using the condensed view in Outlook, you can make a simple tweak to show the subject line on the top, and the from address on the bottom. I’ve found that this helps when you get a lot of emails from the same people, since you can see what the message is about more easily.

Here’s your default inbox view, notice that the subject line is underneath and is in a lighter gray color that’s more difficult to read at a glance.


To change this setting, go to your View menu, then Current View, and then Customize Current View (note that you could create a new view for this setting if you wanted)


Now click on the “Fields…” button to open up the Show Fields dialog. Select “From” in the right-hand pane, and then use the Move Down button to move it below the Subject as shown.


Now when you look at your inbox, you’ll see messages with the subject line on the top, and the sender in the lighter font on the bottom.


Quite useful… you might have also noticed the “maximum number of lines in compact mode” setting, which is interesting to play with as well.

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  • Published 08/19/07

Comments (10)

  1. Brett Jeffree

    Hi there,
    was wondering if “Change Outlook 2007 to Show Subject Line Above Sender” can be done in Outlook 2003, I have a user that states that this is how his email use to be set up but i have not been able to achive this. He has an image of Outlook 2003 that shows this view but I have notice that the image is from Outlook 2003 beta.

    Brett Jeffree

  2. vvv

    I recd. an email, contain many email inside (CC.)
    forwarded many times…

    Now like to save retrieve all that email address.
    How do I do?


  3. Mike

    Great illustration and help for my Outlook 2007 issue.

    Thank you kindly.

  4. Stacy

    Very helpful and detailed illustration.

  5. Abdunisar

    Really helpful , my issue has been sort it out

    many thanks

  6. Steve Marshall

    Great solution — but I seem to be able to implement it one folder at a time. Is there a way to make changes like the global?

  7. MF

    Would like to see the Senders address as the top line instead of subject line in Outlook 2010. I see the commands for 2007 but can’t find the steps in Outlook 2010.

  8. mjsrep

    I have my outlook 2007 synced with my blackberry. when i boot up my system outlook deletes all my messages on my blackberry every 60-90 minutes. Any suggestions to change this so my blackberry messages are never deleted from outlook but only by me through the blackberry.

  9. alberto

    I am moving to a new PC and I use outlook 207 in t he old and the new PC.

    In the new PC, see my inbox with many more fields in a single line. But I want to see the old style, like the one in the first picture in this page, this is, 2 lines per filed, instead of columns.

    Some body know how to change the inbox view to get it like the image126.png?

  10. ligman

    thank you helful.

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