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Add Background Pictures To Excel 2007 Worksheets

Chart, numbers, worksheets … at a business presentation it can get rather monotonous looking at the same data sheets.  Here is a way to add background graphics to your Excel spreadsheets to spice up those meetings.

First, open the spreadsheet you want to add the background to.


On the Ribbon click on Page Layout and select background.


This pops up the Sheet Background screen where you can select the background image you want to use.  Once you have chosen your background click the Insert button.


Now you have a background to your spreadsheet.  You may have to adjust some of the fonts and colors depending upon the background image.


Editor’s note: Might want to choose either a really dark or really light colored image.

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  • Published 07/1/07

Comments (24)

  1. Computer Data Recovery

    A nice tip to make the excel work interesting and attractive. A complete blend of formatting and placement of text with the background image will definately provide a good outcome… :-)

  2. fabian

    how do i print out the background picture? Does not show on print preview? Please help

  3. bruce

    Fabian – I’m looking for the same thing – ability to print the background – did you ever have any luck?

  4. Mousom Ali

    Fabian – I’m looking for the same thing – ability to print the background – did you ever have any luck?

  5. Liana

    I’m needing the same thing. It won’t seem to print out. Any ideas?

  6. Myea Amelia


    maybe you can check the macro in here, i tried and works.

  7. Ace Dee

    m using excel 2007 and i have added a picture background to my worksheet, but when i tried to print preview it, the background didn’t show, it was all plain white…how can i print a worksheet with background?? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Liana

    We are all trying to figure that out Ace Dee. Hence the original question. What about the Macro Myea Amelia. What do you do with the macro? Where do you put it? Thanks.

    (Disregard the last post. Sorry I put the name in the wrong spot.)

  9. michelli

    if you want to print a picture as a background you have to put it in as a header and then adjust the size of the pic using the format picture button

  10. paul

    boy is that stupid, having to add it as a header. doesn’t this mean that everything will be adjusted lower on the page, no matter how small the header starts out as?

  11. JOHN


  12. Dylan, CpuLegend

    Beautiful! thankyou for this information! I only know how to work 2003 because my school doesn’t want to upgrade, i have 2007 at home but i’m mostly clueless on how to work the dang thing! Thanks anyways buddy!

  13. misterdiggle

    i inserted the picture in the footer and adjusted the size with the format picture button and it worked

  14. vinod

    if you make one Excel table How you can put in baground?

  15. Amit Chakraborty

    Can I Insert any word or PDF file as a backgrounf

  16. Ashok Mandal

    i want to inseart background image in perticular selection and take printout of the same in excel2007.

    how do i do? Please help.

  17. Amrut K

    Its works..header & footer trick..
    plus washout option will make it transparent so its very nice to see what we want in background without affecting foreground text..
    thanks everyone..every post was helpful.

  18. addisalem

    don’t comment

  19. jared

    wow thnx people it really worked

  20. me

    it works, header&footer, to print background and convert to pdf, thanks guys

  21. Aaron

    I need to print the logo as background. But this is a ID card, so i need to print the same logo but multiple places in a page. How to do? I try the header and footer option, its not working! Pls help me.

  22. Mariah

    Thanks, This information was very helpful!

  23. Brandon

    Header/Footer advice worked for me. Puts my image in the background and I can still type over it in the cells. Will print out on paper or PDF if needed. I am using Excel for Mac 2004.

  24. Aria

    header & footer trick has worked, thanks to everyone!

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