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Calculate with Qalculate on Linux

The calculator options on Linux just blows the Windows calculator away. Imagine a calculator where you can solve extremely complicated expressions, or just convert between different measurements, and you’ve got Qalculate.

You can use it to convert currencies based on the latest exchange rates, which the application will download for you.


You can even solve extremely complex algebra functions (this one isn’t complicated, of course)


You can even use it to convert between a unix timestamp and regular dates.


Installation on Ubuntu

Open a terminal window and type in the following:

sudo apt-get install qalculate

That’s pretty much it… I’d be very interested to hear any comments about really complicated calculations that you’ve been able to solve using this tool.

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  • Published 08/26/07

Comments (14)

  1. Jake

    Another nice Linux calculator is Powercrunch, though I also have Qalculate installed.

  2. The Geek

    Got a URL for that? Google gave me nothing.

  3. qajaq (You may have added the habitual U after the Q when you did your Google search, but Qalculate is spelled without it.)

  4. The Geek

    Thanks qajaq, but I was referring to the Powercrunch application that Jake mentioned….

  5. Igor Almeida

    I guess he meant Speedcrunch?
    I use it all the time, but Qalculator seems to have more functions. Will give it a shot.

  6. yarivd1

    Is there any equivalent for Windows? exchange rates updates is definitely useful.

    (I really want to install Linux and dual-boot it with XP but I afraid from screw up the family’ computer and lost the data on the hard drive if something will go wrong..)

  7. Jake

    Oh yes Speedcrunch. I guess I wasn’t thinking straight. :-[

  8. Billy

    What is that pretty blue theme you’re using? Nice window borders!

  9. The Geek

    The theme is actually the default KDE theme for Kubuntu.

  10. Avik

    The Qt version is shown here, but there’s also a GTK version for all you GNOME, XFCE, etc. users out there.

  11. Flavio Luiz

    Hi friends! I personally like Qalculate so much! Im using it on Windows XP right now. How? I did install andLinux on my Window$ XP! This way I can install/use Linux programs on XP, without the messing of dual-boot or emulation/virtualization. Make a Google search, youll find some interesting YouTube-videos about andLinux.

  12. Uh

    How do we install this on Windows? Linux is garbage.

  13. Likhit Gatagat

    Thanks , it(information) really helped me….. Thanks a lot….

  14. Likhit Gatagat

    If you find such informations please notify me , once more thanks geek!!

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