As a Keyboard Ninja, I’ve always been very dissatisfied with the choices for todo lists, since none of them cater to the hotkey enthusiast… until I stumbled across Tudumo, a great little Windows application that follows David Allen’s GTD methodology.

The only problem with this application is that it’s not going to be free once it’s officially released. It is free while in beta mode, however, so you can check it out without paying a dime.

The application itself is really slick looking, but don’t let that fool you… there’s loads of hotkey goodness to be found, starting with the Win+T shortcut key for XP users, which will bring the window out of the system tray. (I’m sure he’ll fix the Vista key soon)

The most incredible feature in this application is the global Win+Ctrl+T shortcut key, which pops open this little quick add dialog.

Now that you’ve got your item in the Todo list, just use the Ctrl+T shortcut key to focus the tags box, which has convenient auto-completion built in:

If you aren’t a keyboard ninja, you could also drag and drop the task onto one of the tags at the bottom of the window to assign it.

If you want to add a note, use the Ctrl+Enter shortcut key to focus the notes box. You can use Ctrl+Enter again to add a new line, or just use Enter to finish editing.

To add a Due date, use the Ctrl+D shortcut key to pop open a calendar that you can navigate with the arrow keys. The Start date can be set similarly with Shift+Ctrl+D.

If you want to find a task in your list, you can use the / or Ctrl+F shortcut keys to pop open the find box, which searches as you type.

This application is simply great… there’s a lot more features to be found, so it’s well worth checking out. (Be sure and look at the help file)

Download Tudumo from

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