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Make Trillian on Vista Open Links in Firefox

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When I switched to Vista, one of the biggest annoyances was that Trillian started opening links in Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, even though Firefox is set as my default browser and works everywhere else.

Turns out it’s an extremely simple setting. Just open Trillian Preferences and click on Text Conversations.


In this dialog, uncheck the option for “Open links in a new browser window”


I have to assume that Trillian uses some sort of built-in “new browser” mechanism that isn’t compatible with Vista.

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  • Published 06/25/07

Comments (57)

  1. Gil Creque

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s that simple. Thanks for the help.

  2. John

    Perfect, Thank you.
    I’ve had the same problem with ICQ. Only in ICQ i couldn’t change it just like in Trillian, so i deleted ICQ en installed Trillian. But same problem, and now thanks to you the problem is over.

  3. Bryce

    Thanks for this tip! This was annoying the crap out of me. haha

  4. Michael Barth

    Thank you!
    I’ve just updated to vista and run into the same problem which I found really annoying, too. :)

  5. none

    thx, this works great :) :) :)

  6. SovetCryptix

    Thank you!

    I’ve been so frustrated that Trillian woudl open IE, and couldn’t figure out why. This little “fix” is a lifesaver.

    Thank you!

  7. garash

    oh thank you,
    thank you 100 times!

  8. pro-firefox

    thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!

  9. Buffman

    Good call dude

  10. Thraxz

    WOOHOO! Thanks so much. MIE7 was driving me up the wall with all of its stupid activeX restrictions that wouldn’t stop blocking content and consequently making me click 4-5 times just to check my e-mail. EVEN if I allowed ALL ACTIVEX things to be allowed without question in the settings.

    MIE7 for the lose.

  11. Ricemonkey

    Fan-freaking-tastic. The less time I have to spend on IE, the longer I will live.

  12. Andy Stratton

    WONDERFUL! Thank you, I’ve been looking for this forever!

  13. steve

    Thank you! Very helpful.

  14. Bob

    Nice! You’re the MAN!

  15. Eddie C

    Hey, thanks bro! I really appreciate this article. Cant believe it was that simple! I thought I’d have to tweak the actual program and stuff.

    Nice Stuff!


  16. SteelCougar307

    Found this on a Google search; this annoyance fix is much appreciated, thank you!

  17. PI Outsource

    You are a Demi-God!!!! Thanks!

  18. MS

    I was so pumped to find this like the rest off you as I’ve been going crazy with this activex BS with Vista IE. I changed it but firefox cannot find the file when trying to open yahoo email inside trillian. Any ideas? I rebooted and cleared cache…

    File not found
    Firefox can’t find the file at /C:/Program Files/Trillian/users/default/cache/sfd36.html.

  19. Moshe

    I have exactly the same problem as the comment before me.
    It happens only on Yahoo mail but not on MSN mail.

    I reinstalled Trillian and it was working again, but soon enough it started again.

  20. soep

    same here as MS. Firefox can’t find the file at the harddisk location. Hope somebody knows how to solve this!

  21. vjay

    This trick works with yahoo too. I don’t use trillian but I was having the same issue when I clicked on links in yahoo on my new Vista install. This tip fixed it up nicely. Thanks.

    Preferences/General/Untick the Open web links in a new browser window. And it’s really that simple.

  22. soep

    I already unticked “Open web links in a new browser window”. To be sure, I ticked and unticked one more time. Same result; Firefix complaints it cannot locate the local file at the mentioned location (see message from MS). Strange thing is, it does seem to work with an hotmail/msn mail account, only not yahoo.

  23. soep

    OK, I found out the problem!

    This behaviour probably only happens when you are working from a limited users account. If you choose “Run this program as an administrator”, after unchecking the “open in new window” option, firefox will go to your yahoo mail account. To get this working in your regular (limited user account), just change the file permissions for “C:/Program Files/Trillian/users/default/cache” and give full control to every user. After this it should just work fine.

  24. yuninho

    help please…i have the same problem with icq…is there any way i can solve it? besides uninstalling icq off course..thx in advance

  25. e

    yep that run as admin did the trick! I think this is the default fix for most vista problems that i have never encountered with any other win version.

  26. shouta

    Holy shit, IE was driving me insane, thanks.

  27. Daintree

    Excellent – saved me hours (ok, perhaps many many minutes) of looking for the setting! Cheers.

  28. shotcaller88

    ahh, much better

  29. Jon

    That is exactly what I needed! Much thanks!

  30. DonXoB

    Thanks a lot. I’ve searched for an solution long time.

  31. Elina

    Thank you soooooo much for this. I’ve only had vista for a day and it started to drive me crazy.

  32. xsign

    THX!!!!! YOU ROCK :D

    made my day buddy

  33. ken

    thanks a bunch. this really helps!

  34. james

    Thanks – this worked for me.

  35. Sam

    Awesome. Thanks for the tip :)

  36. Roy

    Ace just what I needed!

  37. KC

    Thank you! This was driving me nucking futs!

  38. krooked


  39. amber

    oh my ggod thanks
    the internet has been so helpful in finding things to fix all the issues ive been having with vista – all one freaking million of them

  40. Crunchy

    very nice, thanks!!!

  41. Seth

    Yep, that’s what I’m talking ’bout
    You rule :)

  42. KT

    Awesome advice! Just what I was looking for. Thanks for posting it.

  43. Trenton

    Your advice on changing permissions on the cache folder was what finally fixed it for me, though I am an admin on my machine and was running the program as admin.

    Not sure why my account would be limited…but thanks!


  44. Gilly

    Awesome. Thank you for this nice Info.

  45. Sesa

    Cheers – thanks for that. Hope your page stays high in Google so you can help others.

  46. Rachel

    Yay! It worked! :D It always bugged me since I got my new lappy with Vista on it and I always to c+p the link into FF. I did not know it would be that simple. Thanks!

  47. TomatoSoup

    This was comically easy, they really should put a note for that in there.

  48. Baz

    Ha I feel like a noob for it being so simple. Thanks!

  49. Goran

    This is a relief. Finaly. Thank you :-)

  50. Starkiller

    wow thx a bunch, this was driving me mad. And through the power of Google I ended up here and you might have a new reader, I going to check out the rest of the site now.

  51. Rob

    I had the opposite problem – I use IE but FireFox was opening. Your solution worked for me also.

  52. Jared

    Thank god.. one less reason to hate using vista..

  53. WOFall

    Thank you! Guess I found this a little late, but works now (in Astra) as well as ever.

  54. Scott

    Thanks man – that works a treat. This has been bugging me for a year or more!

  55. Okan

    Thanks a lot, now it’s working like a dream!

  56. Aramid

    Confirmed it works for Trillian Astra. Geesh I didn’t think it would be this simple ahahaha.

  57. LamzyLamz

    Hey, what about Trillian under Windows Seven ?

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