If you’re the type of person that always allows Firefox to save your login credentials for the sites you visit, you might be very frustrated when you come across a site that doesn’t even prompt you to save the credentials. We’ve got the lowdown on what’s going on here.

Here’s that awful form I have to type into almost every day… I’m really getting tired of it.


So I take a look into the source for the page, and here’s the culprit: the¬†AUTOCOMPLETE=”off” on the form will tell Firefox to disable auto completing for that form. The form elements themselves also have the same tag on them.


You’ll find this happens quite often on corporate vpns, banks, and other sites where they are worried about security and don’t want you to save your passwords, so they use this tag in their pages to prevent your browser from saving the credentials.

Your Best Option: Greasemonkey it!

You can use a greasemonkey script to re-enable the autocomplete on the form elements. You can find a number of them at userscripts.org:


Or you can write your own if you feel like it… for some reason the other scripts did not work on my screwy corporate vpn at work, so I created a new script that manually set the attributes of each.

var frm = document.forms[0];
frm.setAttribute(‘autocomplete’, ‘on’);
frm.elements[0].setAttribute(‘autocomplete’, ‘on’);
frm.elements[1].setAttribute(‘autocomplete’, ‘on’);

Hint: the Firebug extension is a great way to figure out what the elements are if you are writing a script.