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Using Secure Login in Firefox

If you allow Firefox to store your passwords you might be worried about the recent security holes found in the password manager. The solution to these problems is to use the Secure Login extension to prevent Firefox from automatically filling in password fields, but at the same time giving you the automation that saves you time. In fact, using the hotkey means that this method is probably even quicker.

The regular Firefox password manager will automatically fill in the password fields for you, which gives malicious sites and hackers the chance to use javascript to read the password. Granted, this isn’t a common occurrence, but it’s still wise to be wary.


Using the Secure Login extension, you’ll see these gold bars around the login credentials instead, but it won’t fill in the fields automatically.


Here’s where the magic happens….  just click the Secure Login button and the form will be filled and automatically submitted.


You can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt+N (customizable) to login even faster.

The button isn’t automatically added to your toolbar after installing the extension, but it’s easy to add: just right-click over the back/forward buttons and choose Customize Toolbar. You’ll find the Secure Login button in the list.


The preferences have a lot of other options as well, like not automatically submitting the form when you click the button if you don’t like that behavior. You can even customize the highlight color around the login elements.

Download Secure Login from Mozilla Add-ons

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  • Published 07/26/07

Comments (8)

  1. Gary Chan

    FYI, JavaScript protection is not enabled by default.

    You can enable it by going to Tools, Secure Login, Activate JavaScript protection on login.

  2. k henderson

    From reading in other forums if you activate JS protection in Firefox you gets lots of annoying prompts since JS is in virtually every web page. Not comfirmed though.

  3. Chris

    You don’t need the button on ur toolbar u can just press alt-n wivout button showin

  4. Chris

    “If you allow Firefox to store your passwords you might be worried about the recent security holes found in the password manager.” Does any1 kno if this applies to Firefox 3 aswell? or as this hole been patched up?

  5. cranston

    I don’t think the “secure login” discussion above refers to my question.
    With MSN Explorer, you don’t get anywhere unless you sign in immediately with a password. That’s what I’d like with Firefox. Anyone know how to secure Firefox right from the get go? I want to have to sign on with a password, before Firefox will open, as with MSN Explorer.

  6. charlie_g68

    this is really cool but i didnt know i could change the color of the form fields! glad i read yr article,now i enjoy secure login even more!

    ps.1- you can also add wav files when securelogin finds fields or logs in (i use r2d2 sounds really cool lol!)
    2-there this thing called lastpass to remember passwords when your not on your pc that does pretty much the same thing while your on the go…
    hope that helps…charlie_g68

  7. charlie_g68

    cranston if yr in fire fox go to—-menu/ tools/options/security tab…look on there for master password!
    i think if you store passwords w/ff you can set a master pw so ff will remember them all or even securelogin will also but you still will need to put in master password in order for ff/securelogin to even work and i think thats what your lookin for…hope that helps
    ps. get securelogin!

  8. chinkonchoon

    Whenever I on my computer and key in yahoo mail in, my and my password automatically came out and I just click sign in, my yahoo mail will come out.

    How to cancel this automatic sign in? and it should be more secure!

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