Upgrade Your Live Bookmarks With LiveClick

If you like to subscribe to feeds using Firefox’s Live Bookmarks feature, the LiveClick extension gives you so many upgrades that I can only cover the highlights of how great it is.

On the left: Firefox’s wimpy Live Bookmarks. On the right: Upgraded and powerful LiveClick bookmarks!

image  image

Now that we’ve set the bookmark to monitor, we’ll get a notification right above the system tray whenever a new item shows up in the feed.


Opening up the LiveClick options gives you a world of settings to play with, including my favorite: Middle-click opens location in a new tab.


The Menus tab gives another option that makes me thrilled… favicons instead of livemark icons. I keep my live bookmarks in their own folder, so why not see the icon of the site instead of the same redundant icon?


In order to make sure that the Open Location function works, there’s a new item in the properties for each bookmark: Location. Here’s where you can set the location of the site itself separately from the feed.


If you are using Live bookmarks, this is pretty much a must-have.

Download LiveClick from Mozilla Add-ons

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