Everybody makes New Year’s resolutions, and I wonder how many of you made the resolution to waste less time browsing the internet? If so, here’s an easy way to track the amount of time you spend online.

The TimeTracker extension for Firefox gives you a really easy way to track the time you spend directly in front of your browser. The timer only ticks if you are browsing, and you can exclude work-related sites from the timer as well.

Once you install the extension, you’ll notice a little timer down in the lower right-hand corner.


If you right-click on the clock, you’ll get a menu where you can easily reset the timer or get to the options page.


In the options page, you can choose if you want to track the time per day, or cumulative, and you can change a very important setting… turn off the seconds timer so you won’t see the thing change constantly (very annoying).


You’ll also want to note the “Do not track filter”, where you can put in a space delimited list of sites that won’t be tracked. This is useful if you want to include work applications, or productivity sites like one of the many to-do lists out there.

It’s amazing how much time I spend online… too much.

Download TimeTracker from Mozilla Add-ons