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Stop Firefox From Tracking Downloads

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I’ve never actually used the Firefox download window for anything useful. I don’t really care about keeping a list of downloads, and anytime I accidentally open the downloads window, it seems to hang the browser for a few seconds.

Turning off the tracking of downloads is really very simple. I didn’t realize how simple it was until

Click Tools \ Options and then the Privacy tab.

Uncheck the box for “Remember what I’ve downloaded”. You might also want to clear the download list while you are at it.

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  • Published 03/16/07

Comments (5)

  1. Scott S.

    Thanks a lot for the tip…I should have realized how easy it was. I’m in the process of manually downloading hundreds of images for a project and up to this point it’s been a pain in the ass with the browser tensing up each time it opened the downloads box. Thanks again.

  2. Scott S.

    A curious sidenote…I disabled it, and everything was working fine, but then it started up again – opening the downloads box and tracking the downloads. I opened up the settings and rechecked the option to store my data and it seems to have solved the problem.

  3. bingojubes

    i am using Firefox3 with the “download manager” add-on. it helps to continue the downloads when the main window has been closed, so it still gives me the download window, but not as often :)

  4. alex

    @ scott, download download them all to download a lot of images… DOH

  5. Andy

    This option is not there on Firefox 3.5.

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