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Quick Tip: Turn off Firefox Go Button

The “Go” button in Firefox is rarely used and takes up space on the screen, although not all that much. If you want, you can easily disable it to give your address bar more room.

Notice the little green useless button on the right side.


Just type in about:config into the address bar, and then filter by the following value:



Just double-click on the value in the list to change it to true. The green button should instantly disappear, as you can see in the screenshot.

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  • Published 06/16/07

Comments (16)

  1. Miguel

    Eh?. I don’t get it. Is it really going to give extra space?. There? for what? to write a longer web dir by hand?. um.

    By the way, I didn’t know about about:config, which is good.

  2. Pandarojo

    Miguel, I bet you don’t get it.
    Th “Go” button is pretty useless as you can simply push the enter key, and many firefox users have lots of really useful buttons in the toolbar (donwloadhelper, recently closed tabs,….). I found the tip very useful.

  3. suzy

    Obviously, none of you lie in bed propping your head up with one hand, moving your pointer with the free hand, right clicking to copy and paste, using the keyboard as little as possible because it requires holding your head up by itself. Shocking to me that the go button would be considered useless.

  4. Armani simwerayi

    i have a problem with firefox in my computer. my computer’s Javascript was turned-off as soon as firefox was installed in my computer.
    Furthermore, I can’t download the adobe flash player because of firefox, they ask me to close firefox first can’t close it. so i don’t know what

  5. JImB

    I absolutely have to disagree and have to deplore that there can’t be a go button t/t left of the search bar.

    I don’t know how some of you work, buy if I type I do it with both hands. The rest of the time I scroll or use the mouse with my right hand. Now very often I copy/paste an url adress from a website > I do this with my right hand and the mouse. I paste it in the url bar. Now if I want to hit enter because there’s NO go button I have to use my right hand which just did a copy/pasting with the mouse. I now have to use my right hand and leave the mouse to hit the enter button. If there was a go button t/t right of the adress bar I could go on for very long without ever having to touch the keyboard. Exactly the same goes for the search bar. Remember while surfing you rarely use the keyboard (I don’t anyway)

  6. mYk

    Thanks! Very good tip, saved me a lot of time when I was asked to “patch Firefox” to enable the Go button.

  7. rosemarie butti

    I am 85 years old and trying with all of the brains that I have left to learn the computer. Somehow someone who was showing me put firefox on my computer. Sincel then I am having all kind of problems. My spell check is now in French and My favorite box is gone. How can I get rid of Firefox. I would apreciate any help you can offer. Rosemarie I would leave it on the forum but I do not know how to get there

  8. jd2066

    @Rosemarie: At the top of the site under the logo there is the site section listing “Home | How-To’s | Wiki | Blogs | Forums”. Just click the one labled forums to go to the forums.

  9. Tosha

    go into your computer settings look for add/remove programs scroll down till you see the firefox icon select it and the delete, it works

  10. JimB

    Sure that’s about the dumbest thing you can do: removing Firefox

  11. jd2066

    @JimB: Not really. Mozilla Firefox is a good browser but it’s not for everyone so it’s actully a smart thing for people to remove it when it’s not for them.

  12. JimB

    I think FF is much safer as opposed to IE. But yes you have to start to learn the browser all over again. And I agree if you’re used to another browser it takes some effort.

    I use several browsers too like Maxthon and Opera and IE, but I still keep prefering FF.

  13. jd2066

    @JimB: The safer browser actully depends on what Operating System you use and how it’s configured.
    Internet Explorer 7 with Protected Mode on Windows Vista is far safter then Firefox 3.
    Internet Explorer 7 without Protected Mode on Windows XP and Windows Vista is about the same about Firefox 3.
    Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP SP2 is fairly good.
    Internet Explorer 6 or earlier on Windows XP SP1 or earlier is not as safe as Firefox 3.
    In some cases Google Chrome is the safer browser.
    Internet Explorer 8 is a lot safer then Firefox 3 or Google Chrome.
    Mozilla and Google will probably release versions as safe or safer then Internet Explorer 8 after Internet Explorer 8 is released.
    It’s a constant battle between the various browser venders to have the most secure, fast and best selection of features available and it’s always changing as each vender releases newer versions with different ideas.

  14. JimB

    I agree that the safer browsing depends largely on the kind of OS you’re using.

    I’m sorry but I don’t know exactly what the protected mode on Windows Vista means, let alone mean that it would be safer than FF3. You just install 2 or 3 add-ons on FF like Noscript, Finjan Secure browsing and AdBlock plus and you’re safer than any Explorer from now or in the future will ever get.

    For the other comparisons I’m not sure where you got them, perhaps from MS self.
    MS is unable to make something safe unless it has been found and detected unsafe by others or protection software developers, developers that let’s not forget it, that almost always make patches or discovered some weakness in MS’s browsers or OS’s long b4 MS even admitted it, and accordingly made the apropriate changes.

  15. joe

    I have firefox & dont want it. I cant un-install because i cant log off of it & cant even close it or re-start my computer……………help please

  16. sahir


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