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Quick Tip: Remove Close Button from Firefox Tabs

The close tab buttons on each tab in Firefox 2 are really annoying. When you have a lot of tabs open, it becomes very difficult to click on the tab without accidentally clicking the close button instead.

It’s a good thing that Firefox is customizable, because we can easily turn them off, or even revert back to the Firefox 1.5 behavior of having a single close tab button on the right of the tab bar.


Disabling Close Buttons Without Tab Mix Plus

To disable this if you are not running the Tab Mix Plus extension, you can open about:config in the address bar, and then filter by the following:


The possible values are these:

  1. Default
  2. No close tab buttons anywhere (You’ll have to use middle click or Ctrl+W)
  3. Move the close tab button to the right of the tab bar

You can see here that I’ve set the value to 3. Notice the single close button on the right.


Disabling Close Buttons With Tab Mix Plus

If you have Tab Mix Plus installed, you can do the exact same thing by opening Tab Mix Plus options on the Tools menu, and choosing Display \ Tab.  Here you’ll make sure you uncheck the “Close tab button” checkbox.

If you want to also add the Close tab button to the right of the tab bar, then go to the Tab Bar tab and check the “Close tab button” option, as shown below:

Tab Mix Plus is one of the most powerful extensions for Firefox. It’s really quite incredible.

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  • Published 04/15/07

Comments (18)

  1. Drew

    Great tip! I was wondering, what theme is used for the firefox in the pictures?

  2. The Geek

    Actually it’s just the default theme running under Vista.

  3. Don

    THANKS! I never understood putting a button on a button/tab….

  4. Pencilneck

    Thank you! When I have a lot of tabs open and want to run though and close a lot, the changing size of the tabs mean the close button would move as I closed more tabs. I like the single close button setting from a lot better.

  5. sandrajean Brown

    I wish to completely remove the tab bar.
    My problem is simply that Im can’t go back to a prior page with the tab engaged.
    I have to open bookmarks and then gmail or whatever I want to get to. At 79
    years my memory is still great but slow

  6. sandrajean Brown

    My computer will not print emails from I was told by a tech from hp (my printer)
    that there is a special button on your web page.. I canb’t find it . Please advise.

  7. frederick

    How to uninstall close tabs?

  8. nabucodonosor

    Thanks! You might want to add that the value to remove all close buttons is 2.

  9. Jan Wikholm

    Thank you!

  10. tom

    I am trying to install Adobe Flash Player 10. When I follow the guide I get a box that says Firefox must be closed to install Adobe. I cannot figure out how to do this without closing out everything. HELP PLEASE!

  11. Reyn

    Thank you so much for the tip. ^_^

  12. Paul

    Try with a value of 0 – it shows the close “X” only on the current tab

  13. Trones

    Awesome!! Exactly what I was looking for! This will save me precious seconds when going from one of the first tabs to one of the last =)

  14. michael witt

    my latest explorer update added this new line with quick tabs and bing how do i get rid of it. at present i am at the mercy msn and explorer

  15. 1fastbullet

    This “browser.tabs.closebuttons” entry does not exist in v3.5

  16. pracas upreti

    its tricky but more uyseful when we have lots of tabs open, it prevent accidental closing

  17. Chirag

    Thanks bro

  18. mNiosu

    Great tip! 10x
    I always use the mouse middle button to close tabs so the close buttons were really annoying.

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