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Quick Tip: Duplicate Current Tab in New Window in Firefox

As both a programmer and writer, I often find the need to open my current tab into a separate window so that I can move it to my second monitor. Tab Mix Plus to the rescue! There’s an option in the settings panel to easily duplicate the current tab in a new window. You can use it from a keyboard shortcut as well if you want.

Notice the new option for “Duplicate in New Window” when I right-click a tab. You can also use the shortcut key of Ctrl+Shift+N whether you enable this menu option or not.


To add the item to the right-click menu, go to the Tab Mix Plus Options screen, click on the Menu button at the top, and then Tab Context Menu.


In here, you can click the “Duplicate in New Window” checkbox to enable the menu item.

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  • Published 06/19/07

Comments (5)

  1. alex taylor

    How do I install Adobe Flash player in Ubuntu xoffice? I have an amd64 machine.
    I can’t get what I need for my job without it. Is there another product available?
    I visited a Linux help site and I can’t use it without flash. Go figure.

  2. Shaun

    Hey many thanks for this article.. I was just searching up about an extension that could “untab” tabs into a new window.. This seems to be the solution.. once again thanks alot :) Great article.

  3. Steen

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  4. Linda

    wow~!! Thanks so much for this info!!!
    If I had only known that there was an “options” panel for Tab Plus Mix, I wouldn’t have searched for this function hours after hours.
    “tab plus mix” is really cool, but it just doesn’t have the instruction that could help users to get familiar with it.. which is very shameful since it really has a lot of great features to offer…
    But Thanks so much for this post so I can finally start using these great features!!! =)

    I’m totally checking back your blog from now on to get more helpful tips~!! Great job!!

  5. Talon

    This can also be accomplished in IE7 by going to File > New Window, from any tab. Of course the old shortcut: Ctrl+N still works.

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