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Quick Tip: Disable Favicons in Firefox

If you are the type of person that dislikes those little site specific icons, then this tip is for you. Favicons can be disabled completely in Firefox with a simple config change.

Just type about:config into the address bar, and then filter by You should see something similar to this:


Set the value of these two preferences to false by double-clicking on them.

You’ll have to restart Firefox, but the favicons will be gone entirely.


Personally, I love favicons, but this article was a request.

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  • Published 06/12/07

Comments (15)

  1. Sniper-Wolf33

    Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. Martin

    Hi there!

    Thanks for this tip – but for some reason it won’t work! Both settings have been disabled but Firefox just ignores this… any idea why?

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Dale

    I was hopeful, but it didn’t work for me either. Is it FF3? …or does this only address the address bar icons and not bookmarks too? (Regarding why I want to disable the favicons: it may be subjective, but I think I see the bookmark text faster without being distracted by the icon and having to process it, too.)

    Thanks for looking at this,

    (“You have to believe in free will, you have no choice.” I.B. Singer :o)

  4. Dale

    (aagh… if I’d known my colon/LC o/close parenthesis would be displayed as an emoticon, I wouldn’t have used it. : o )

  5. Jay


    This is a little off topic, but very favicon related! (And I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.)

    Do you know of a way to change/replace the default “sheet of paper with the corner folded over” favicon that Firefox 3 uses when a site does not provide its own favicon? I have been searching and searching for an answer on this and just can’t seem to find anything. I am hoping to drop my own default favicon in place, so that when I go to a site without a favicon, I will see my own little default favicon.

    Thanks so much,

  6. Warren

    I too was hopeful of this removing the Famicons in my bookmarks drop down – but this trick doesn’t work in 3.0.7. – shame…

    I DO have a lot of bookmarks – and every time I go to the bookmark drop down Firefox just beachballs for ten seconds or more while it loads in all the graphics for the Famicons. Not what you’d call a useful feature as far as I’m really sucks.

    Anyway it still does it even with the above trick of “turning them off” – which doesn’t seem to work in current versions of Firefox…

  7. Warren

    Hey – I managed to find the solution… Do the two steps turning off the and as mentioned above…

    These should stop Firefox remembering any more favicons or displaying new ones in the toolbar..


    Quit firefox – then search for and delete the file called places.sqlite in your firefox prefs

    this will delete the favicons that firefox is currently remembering.. Don’t worry – the file is regenerated when firefox is next run..

    restart firefox – bingo – no favicons in my bookmarks menu and a no more “making a cup of tea waiting for the favicons to load” any more…

    hope this works well for everybody..


  8. Waide

    Similarly related, I have a few RSS feeds and I would love to understand why FF (3.0.13) will randomly load the favicons on the feeds and other days they are entirely missing.

  9. Bob

    It’s too bad there is no way to only disable animated favicons. :(

    Firefox’s impossible to remove animated icons “feature” has made it necessary for many people such as myself to completely disable favicons. I am starting to miss them, and hope that Mozilla fixes this bug soon.

  10. M90

    There is an add-on for this.
    “Favicon Picker 3”

  11. Jay Bee

    This is long after the advice from Warren about deleting places.sqlite, but in case someone lands on this page for advice, a word of caution!!!

    places.sqlite contains your bookmarks. So if you are going to delete it without first backing up your bookmarks, you lose your bookmarks. You’d have to backup your bookmarks and then restore them after you restart FF. But that is a bit much when the favicon has an expiry of 24 hours anyhow so should be gone after a day anyhow. If you clear your history, it will clear the favicons (minus any where there is also a bookmark for that URL). So just clearing your history would clear most of them anyhow.

  12. bob

    Thank for this, i needed this to do the reverse, as my favicons weren’t showing, think it was because of some stupid “optimzation tool i used(now completely uninstalled). But for some reason the setting wont stick and any time i restart firefox the string is reset to false. so, any idea how to get this to stick?

  13. muh

    thanks :-)

  14. Snaky

    great, thanks. I like favicons, but I hate the animated favicons – how can I keep favicons enabled but stop the animations? Thanks!

  15. Alphatechy

    Setting this to 0 is great for viewing images.

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