Quick Hits: 11 Firefox Tab How-Tos

We couldn’t live without Firefox’s tabbed browsing support, and we also couldn’t live without 10 of these 11 tips for optimizing your tab experience.

Extra credit: Guess which one we don’t suggest!

When to Use Protect Tab vs Lock Tab in Firefox

Select Specific Tab with Keyboard Hotkey in Firefox

Duplicate Current Tab in New Window in Firefox

Make Firefox Use Multiple Rows of Tabs

Save Windows and Tabs When Restarting Firefox

Open Firefox Searches in New Tab

Remove Close Button from Firefox Tabs

Disable Firefox Tab Scrolling

Save Tab Space for Frequently Used Tabs in Firefox with FaviconizeTab

Close Tab Quickly with a Shortcut Key in Firefox

You Really Want to Completely Disable Tabs in Firefox?


It’s clearly the last one…

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