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Preview Tabs in Firefox with Tab Preview 0.3

For many, Windows 7 has changed quite a bit about our browsing habits. One of the most useful features has been the ability to distinguish between pages quickly by using taskbar previews. Sure, this did exist in Vista, but most disabled it due to its inefficiency. Now, however, it has become an integral part of our collective browsing experience.

The advent of tabbed internet browsing has meant that we are not afforded this advantage when browsing online. Annoyingly, we are forced back to the open-and-see approach until we eventually figure out what that website was called that we wanted. Tab Preview 0.3 addresses this issue.


You’ll have to restart to complete the installation, as with all Firefox extensions.


If you’ve never clicked it before, click the little check box that says “Do not ask me again” when this message comes up – it will save you a few annoying clicks in the future.


When it’s done you’ll be taken to the Extensions tab, you can look for updates (at this stage there aren’t any), or you can just close the thing.


And suddenly when you hover over a window, you will be shown a preview below it.


This extension does have a bit of a blink when changing between previewed tabs which can get a little annoying, but aside from that it adds a desperately required element to internet browsing. Serve with a side of discerning browsing for best results.

Download Tab Preview from Mozilla Add-ons

Daniel Gilbert is a geek from down under that really likes Firefox and audio recording.

  • Published 06/18/09

Comments (10)

  1. Andi Meyer

    Very nice review. There is also Tab Sidebar and Fox Tab, which provide a preview to inactive tab.
    One request: Please include a link to download the addon (or if i missed it: a more prominent one).

  2. Domsdag

    I´m using Tab Scope.
    It allows you also to scroll the tabs in the preview, or you can navigate forward , backward or refresh the page without switching into the tab.

    Some more infos and the addon:

    [sry if my english is not that good. My mothertong is german ;) ]

  3. Anomaly

    Tab Scope does this and much more. You can control the size of the preview and actually navigate the page inside the preview.

  4. Mohan

    Been using this since I saw similar extension built into Seamonkey and as well as the one Opera has, love it.

  5. snjblack

    I think you forgot to add the link,

  6. Stephen

    Your posts are very helpful with one exception, no link. Take this article for example (Preview Tabs in Firefox with Tab Preview 0.3), it has very precise steps along with screenshots, but when I try to get the add-on there is no link to it in your article so I have to go to the Mozilla add-ons and search for it. Inconvenient for some like me who read so much in the course of a day that we just bookmark the article which will also point us to the utility, but if I have to also search and bookmark the actual location of the add-on on the Mozilla site there is no connection between the add-on and the how-to article within my bookmarks.

  7. The Geek

    Sorry about the missing link guys! I’ve added it to the post now.

  8. ProstheticHead

    Thanks Geek. I’ll cherish it always.

  9. snjblack

    I don’t like the frame of the preview.
    it’s cool if we can disable it!

  10. Haf

    I used Tab Preview in the past, but I’ve switched to Tab Scope (which was already mentioned in the comments) quite a long time ago. Tab Preview hasn’t been updated back then for quite a while and wasn’t working with ne Firefox versions. Also Tab Scope seems to need less resources and as already mentioned, it has some great features that Tab Preview is missing.

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