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Manually Remove Skype Extension from Firefox

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If you accidentally checked the wrong box while installing Skype, you now are the proud recipient of an extension in Firefox that you can’t uninstall. Sure, you can disable it… but what about uninstalling it?

You could completely uninstall Skype, and then reinstall it without checking the button, but there’s a simpler (and more geeky) method.

Removing Skype Extension Manually

The first thing you want to do is go into Tools \ Add-ons and disable the extension if you haven’t already. You’ll notice that there’s no uninstall option, which is rather irritating… Skype is very useful, but it shouldn’t pollute my Firefox.


Now close Firefox and open up a Windows Explorer window and browse down to the following location, adjusting if you installed Firefox somewhere else:

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions


In that folder you’ll find another folder with the following name:


Just delete that folder (or move it somewhere else if you want to be safe), and then open Firefox again. You’ll notice that the Skype extension is no more.

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  • Published 05/30/08

Comments (45)

  1. CHR

    There may be another way to uninstall said extension: If it is a globally installed extension , you could try the command line parameter

    -unlock-item {GUID}

    to enable the uninstall button. It might work.

  2. Reader Orin

    Thanks for the tip! Great advice. Do you know how to do the same thing with “AVG Safe Search”? This firefox extension came with the new AVG 8.0 to flag malicious search engine result links. I disabled it inside AVG 8.0 but the firefox extension is still there and, just like the Skype extension, there is no way to uninstall it. CRAFTY!!! Any advice on this one? Thanks

  3. BCK

    I was one of those people who installed it when I really didn’t want it, but mine had a functioning uninstall button

  4. Dave

    You could also stop the extension from being installed in the first place by clicking the “Options” button in the Skype installer instead of just clicking the checkbox to agree to the EULA. In Options, you not only have the EULA checkbox, but also additional boxes to selectively install the Firefox and IE extensions, Skype Extras Manager, and other options.

  5. Giorgio

    thank you so much. your tip was extremely helpful.

  6. desu

    thanx, i had to do it.

  7. secret

    I didnt have a skype extenstion but it was still there!!!!

  8. Flo

    I also had this extension “accidentally” installed. Fortunately, the uninstall button worked just fine without further hassle for me.

  9. Bill

    There’s a simpler way. If you launch firefox with ‘Run as administrator’ then the uninstall option works.

  10. Joseph Smith

    Running FF as admin works. Thanks!!

  11. Aarne


    Thanks for the advice. I installed Skype to a new computer yesterday, and the same old thing happened with Firefox. Happily, though, with Skype and FF 3.0.5 the Tools – Add ons – Extensions did have an active “Uninstall” button also for the Skype extension.

  12. Deborah

    Can’t delete the file. Every time I try to delete the file in Windows Vista, I receive a “file is in use by another application”. Firefox is not running, and neither is Skype. Any ideas?

  13. Judith

    Having faffed around misunderstanding ‘other’ people’s advice on how to make Google maps work again, properly, I found your site. Instruction easy to understand and follow and worked. Thank you.

  14. ZkilfinG

    The advice on how to remove the Skype Firefox plugin worked. Thanks.

  15. AussieNoob

    A third method here..Rather than delete or move the file I just added a few —‘s to the front of the file name,to make it ” —-{B13721C7-F507-4982-B2E5-502A71474FED} “. Restarted Ff and hey presto , no more Skype extension.This way, if I want the extension back I don’t have to reinstall or remember where I put the file, just remove the —‘s. Simple yet effective. Running Ff as an Admin does make more sense though XP

  16. Skywriter

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
    The Skype extension should be banned by mozilla.
    Just look at Mozilla support

  17. Vicky

    After uninstalling skype 4.1 on winXP-Pro (SP2) and then trying to re-install it, the installation process brings up the following error message and aborts the install:

    “… not a valid win32 application”

    I then checked my hard disk to find that there is STILL numerous skype files and folders that were NOT removed by the unistall process. Now I can’t re-install skype… what can I do?

    Please help.

  18. Vicky

    … forgot to mention… I used REVO for the unistall…

  19. Paul

    Great advice. Gonna give a shot right now!

  20. Katz (And Other) Tales

    genius! thanks very much this. easy and fast!

  21. Sara

    After having FF fail to load and act all buggy all week (Since my Win 7 upgrade) I stumbled across your page. Your advice totally worked and now it runs great. Thanks so much!!! Internet crisis averted.

  22. Jonathan

    Thank you so much for posting this. That Skype extension was causing my firefox to crash at an annoying frequency.

  23. lisa ballard

    how to remove skype from my computer

  24. Mahaveer

    Thanks! This helped me… That skype extension was very irritating…

  25. Spongion

    Hi guys, I just wanna help everyone so thought the *s will help bold it out:
    I followed the instructions in this page a few months ago and today when I ran
    skype it asked for UAC which i stupidly approved of and it installed the firefox
    extention again – and again it cannot be removed from the addons window.
    anyway, I managed to removed it but noticed the directory needed to be deleted
    has now had its name changed to:
    I found it by quickly getting to the extensions directory and differentiating it from
    the others by the date/time created and deleting it removed the stupid extension.
    seems like skype changes the name of that directory every now and then.
    this new directory name that i specified is at least correct for today 26.4.10

  26. Bob

    Thanks for the info, very helpful, worked like a charm

  27. Aaron

    worked like a charm. thanks!

  28. a

    Thanks, Bill!!!

    >November 24, 2008 2:51 am Bill There’s a simpler way. If you launch firefox with ‘Run as administrator’ then the uninstall option works. All Programs –> click Mozilla Firefox (group) –> scroll to Mozilla Firefox (icon) –> right-click Run as Administrator. Tools –> Add-Ons –> Skype –> Uninstall. The button is not greyed out, and clicking it works. Restart Firefox.

    Yay!!!! This has bothered me for months!!

    Such a beautiful, simple solution. Thanks, Bill!

  29. Ariadna

    in my Windows 7 Ultimate x64, the folder was located at

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\extensions

    with the following name:


    Great tip. Thanks :)

  30. Felix

    Hey guys,

    there is an easyer way to uninstall the skype addon. Run Firefox as Administrator and then you can uninstall this addon. Firefox has no privilegs to acces in program dir, if you run it as Administrator you can easily uninstall it ;)

    (Sorry 4 my bad English)

  31. Frustrated wt. Skypeon Firefox

    The new Skype update does not have that file {B13721C7-F507-4982-B2E5-502A71474FED} is no longer there.

    How I removed it:
    Firefox window
    Skype Extension

    that did the trick

  32. Skypesucks

    Thanks for the help, especially from Bill who said to first run Firefox as an Administrator, then the Skype add-on can be uninstalled easily. Also, why anyone would use Skype for WIFi phone calls amazes me. They give lousy service, with calls dropping all the time. A much better and cheaper service is I’ve been using it for 3 years now without a dropped call! Wicked cheap too! I bought an unlocked WiFi phone (UTStarcom) on eBay to use with it, and it works great. Thanks again for deleting Skype.

  33. Carine

    I agree with Ariadna about the change of the folder name: {AB2CE124-6272-4b12-94A9-7303C7397BD1} instead of {B13721C7-F507-4982-B2E5-502A71474FED}
    Thanks for the tip.

  34. Siva

    goood …

  35. Steve

    Thanks Carine and Ariadna for the folder name update.

  36. Kate

    Thanks–this was driving me nuts. Your solution worked like a treat (though my file extension was also the AB2CE124 string. Much appreciated!

  37. jack

    If you dont know which one to delete. Look in “uninstall a program” for the date when you installed skype and delete the one in (C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\extensions) that has the same date as when you installed it.

  38. Sal

    Hi, I believe the folder name for the extension folder for Skype v. is now:

    Can anyone confirm it?

    Thank you.

  39. David

    I removed {82AF8DCA-6DE9-405D-BD5E-43525BDAD38A} to get rid of the Skype v extension!

  40. Peter

    I have skype v., the folder to delete was: {82AF8DCA-6DE9-405D-BD5E-43525BDAD38A},
    inside the folder, there were two subfolders – “chrome” and “components” , and inside the “components” folder, there were files: “SkypeFfComponent.dll”, “SkypeFfComponent.xpt”.

    These two files probably indicate, that this folder represents the skype extension, so you can look for them to identify the folder to delete (should the name keep being changed).

  41. Christine

    I couldn’t find what I feel comfortable is the right folder…

    in Windows7, the path isn’t the same…

    How to find??

  42. Turtleman

    Being a little chicken to totally delete, I merely renamed {82AF8DCA-6DE9-405D-BD5E-43525BDAD38A} as described previously to {82AF8DCA-6DE9-405D-BD5E-43525BDAD38A_old}, reopened FF, and the extension was gone!

  43. Jay

    Christine: This is the path you want: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{82AF8DCA-6DE9-405D-BD5E-43525BDAD38A}

  44. Aify

    Inside *\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\* ones may simply try to view content of file install.rdf and if it have Skype inside, than it is a candidate…

  45. harrywwc


    each new version of skype has a new GUID associated with the foldername, so “hard-coding” like above is a pointless exercise.

    A more ‘general method’ is:

    0 – shutdown firefox

    1 – open Windows Explorer and navigate to either “c:\program files” or “c:\program files(x86)” depending on your ‘bit-ed-ness’ of Windows (32 or 64 respectively).

    2 – navigate to “Mozilla\Firefox\extensions”

    3 – search for “skype”

    4 – in the far-right-hand column you will be told the (full) name of the folder containing skype – nuke that (although, I change the name to “deleted-{GUID}”, as I _always_ comment out code rather than delete it)

    5 – restart Firefox – no more skype



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