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Make Firefox Use Multiple Rows of Tabs

If you are a Firefox power user like I am, then you probably have dozens of tabs open all the time. After trying a number of different options, I’ve finally settled on using multiple rows of tabs as the best option.

To set this option, you must have the Tab Mix Plus extension installed. Assuming you do, open up the Tab Mix Plus options dialog via the Tools menu.

Choose the Display tab/icon on the top, and then make sure you have the Tab Bar tab selected.


Change the option for “When tabs don’t fit width” to “Multi-row”, and then check out the multiple-row goodness.


Of course I don’t usually browse at 600×370…

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  • Published 07/3/07

Comments (14)

  1. Wiseassoffice

    Thats pretty cool never noticed that Tab Mix Plus could do that.

    Now what would really be something is two rows of bookmark folders. Any ideas on where to find that Addon?

    Tech News Too Cool!

  2. ron

    thanks for all your infomation you people are great.

  3. Chris Gray

    Thanks a lot, exactly the info I needed :)

  4. Frankie Robertson

    Shame tabmix breaks with multiple monitors on linux.

  5. Johan Gustavsson

    Yes, that worked just fine with my FF 2.0.0.xx

    But I am now running the latest RC (RC1) of FireFox 3.0, and tab mix plus won’t install in that…

  6. foo

    Get the Tab Mix Plus dev build from

  7. dan

    awesome. thanks for the write-up.. was looking for this as well as a cascading thumbnail type addon. perfect combo

  8. H

    thanks a lot :) :)

  9. Neosix

    This is exactly what I need it. Thanks.

  10. fastbullet

    First, of curse, you must somehow get tab mix plus to WORK.

  11. Pat Benson

    Cheers!!.. I have this on another OS and now I couldn’t find this option … thought I’d gone mad ;)

  12. Muhammad Asif Ali

    wow! too many options, great!

  13. Adam Pinterits

    That was really helpful. I’ve been scrolling left and right on my tab bar for hours doing academic research. It occurred to me to try and figure out how to do this, and the answer was just a google away. Thank you.

  14. Striker

    I love this site……i get exactly what i need….always has solutions even to the most uncommon problems!

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