Make Firefox Quick Search Use Google’s Beta Search Keys

After becoming addicted to the new experimental Google Beta Shortcuts that let you navigate through results with your keyboard, it started to irritate me that I didn’t get to use the shortcut keys when I use a quick search in the Firefox address bar using the “?” keyword. Good thing it’s a very simple to change.

If you don’t have a keyword bookmark for Google Search yet, you can start by making a bookmark to this link (right-click and choose bookmark this link), and name it something useful.

Now right-click the new link and choose Properties.


Here’s where you’ll want to add the keyword ? into the keyword box, to make it look like this. (If you already have a keyword bookmark for Google Search, then add in the URL above into the location box here.


Now when you search in the location bar using the ? keyword like this…


You’ll get sent to the new experimental keyword navigation results: 


I really should figure out why the google description for this site is so strange…

You can also install the google by keyword search plugin for Firefox or IE7.

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