I wasn’t going to write another Firefox article tonight, but after restarting Firefox the automatic updater ran without my permission and broke my favorite extension. I could obviously crack open the extension and manually fix the problem, but it’s just ridiculous to have to do that.

Short Rant: Why does an x.x.x.1 release have to break any of my extensions? That’s just completely ridiculous. I realize that the extension developers could have picked a better version number in order to handle this, but it worked fine with, so it should work with

Back to the topic… you have a few¬†options at this point:

  • Crack open the extension in your profile directory and change the version number in the extensions.rdf file.
  • Install the Nightly Tester Tools which will let you override the incompatibility.

Once you install the Nightly Tester Tools extension and restart Firefox, open up your Add-ons folder, right-click on the incompatible extension, and choose the “Make Compatible” option from the menu.


Now once you restart Firefox yet again, your extension should be back to normal and working fine.

Second Rant: Installing themes, plugins, changing options, restarting because of memory leaks…¬† Rebooting Firefox is beginning to remind me of Windows 98.

Install Nightly Tester Tools from Oxymoronical

Install Nightly Tester Tools from Firefox Addons