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Make Firefox Display Large Images Full Size

Firefox resizes large images by default to fit in the browser window. This can get really annoying if you are browsing a lot of large images.

To see this in action, you can click the link to the really nice Ubuntu wallpaper. You’ll notice that you have to click on the image to show the full size version.

1280×1024 Ubuntu Wallpaper

To change this setting, follow these steps:

  • Type about:config into the address bar in firefox.
  • Type in browser.enable in the Filter bar and hit enter
  • When you see “browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing”, double click it and the value should change to false, as shown.

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  • Published 03/6/07

Comments (11)

  1. Sean

    Thanks for this. I am always saving pics (seriously my pic folder is 653mb), and this will make things a bit faster.

  2. Rob

    Thanks, this used to be a regular option. Who decides to take our control away from us anyhow?

  3. Chris

    Thanks to whoever published this :). VERY helpful.

  4. Charles

    Thanks Geek!

    I agree with Rob– I was surprised to see that I couldn’t change this in the preferences.

  5. The Scarlet Pimpernel

    O happy day! Wow, I’m really thrilled about this information. It’s just what I always wanted.

  6. Rampant

    Is it just me or is the resizing of large images by default actually the best option?
    It gives you a chance to see the whole thing first, then if you want to see it at 1-1 resolution you just click it.

  7. Ferenc

    @ Rampant

    I already know what the pic looks like, because I clicked on the thumbnail in the gallery.
    After clicking on the thumbnail, I want to see the actual pic and save to hd if the quality is ok.

  8. Radhakrishnan

    I want free download for Avast Antivirus Programm. Please Help me.

  9. Steve

    Looking at this in the opposite way…is there any way of fixing the max size image ff displays? For example, I want to set ff to display images at a max of 1280×1024, forcing it to resize larger pictures so they all fit on my screen and I don’t have to scroll left-right.

    For some reason, although my browser.enable_automatic_image_risizing is set to true, it doesn’t work!

  10. goldmember

    Great post! Glad to know this finally.

    Related question – Is there a way to force the browser to show a large image at 100% through html or css, so that everyone viewing sees it at 1:1?

  11. goldmember

    never mind…height/width attributes do it fine. duh!

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