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Make Firefox 3 Use Windows Vista Glass Like Internet Explorer Does

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One of the things that has really annoyed me about running Firefox on Vista is that Internet Explorer looks really slick with the Aero Glass extending down onto the entire navigation bar… and Firefox just looks pathetic sitting next to it. Thanks to the Glasser extension from my new favorite person 6XGate, IE no longer holds the edge in slick UI.

Note: This extension only works in Firefox 3 Beta 5 or later, and is still an alpha release, so it’s likely to cause crashes and generally have problems. But it looks sweet!

Notice how the glass extends all the way down the navigation bar now:


And you have the full transparent glass effect:


You can also add in a Stylish script to change the bookmarks bar to look like Windows Explorer if you want, although I don’t personally like the way that looks:



Head over to MozillaZine and install the extension, and then install the Personal Menu extension as well so that you can hide the menu bar by right-clicking on the toolbars area and unchecking “Menus Toolbar”


All of the links you’ll need are on the MozillaZine page.

Note: I typically only write how-to related articles and don’t cover geek news, but this one was too fun to ignore. More how-to goodness tomorrow, I promise.

Download Glasser from

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  • Published 04/21/08

Comments (10)

  1. liode7

    Wow! thats awesome!

    I wish you had a news section – that would be great

  2. Jennifer

    I really wish you would have a GeekNews section! I would subscrice to it!

  3. Andy

    I’ll third a geek news section. more geek news for the masses; how can that be a bad thing?

  4. Toby Adams

    unexpected error occurred :(

  5. The Geek


    The weird thing is that Firefox 3 Beta 5 was crashing on me every 15 minutes until After I installed this… so it’s actually made Firefox more stable for me. Makes no sense!

  6. tim

    I’ll put in a fourth for a geek news section – all the geek news sites are terrible – digg isn’t even tech anymore, slashdot is still a zealot site, there’s just no good site for us geeks that want to get geek news.

  7. Kevin

    The extension Fission turns your address bar into the loading bar, and allows you to customize the color scheme it uses. If you use this image for the color scheme:
    It’ll look exactly like the loading bar within windows explorer, for an even more detailed mimicry of vista’s explorer!

  8. ZetaPirate

    Here’s the fifth.

  9. Teddy L.

    I recently purchased a new computer with Vista installed. My older system is an XP. After I did the Back Up and the Recovery discs, I then attempted to download Firefox 3 with Yahoo which came with the new computer. For reasons unknown to me, FF3 will not display a short cut on the desk top nor will it download. I attempted to download other programs, they too will not load. This Vista system is not people friendly. Can you help me out with details on the said problems? Had to hook up my older XP to send this message to you.
    kinda frustrated,

  10. Brenda

    I have vista and when I use firefox 3 it crashes or I can’t get the startup page to work. I uninstalled firefox 3 and went back to firefox 2. Any suggestion so I can run 3

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