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Keyboard Ninja: Use StumbleUpon With The Toolbar Hidden

If you haven’t heard of StumbleUpon you are probably still a very productive person. If you want to make your time-wasting sessions slightly more efficient, you can use the keyboard to stumble instead of clicking the Stumble! button.

I’ve calculated that you could save an entire 32 seconds per year this way, which is at least one more stumble (well worth it). It will also allow you to stumble without having the toolbar visible, so you have more screen space to stumble with.

Just click on the Stumble toolbar’s Tools menu and choose Toolbar Options.


Select the Shortcuts tab and then check the box for “Enable stumbling shortcuts” to enable the hotkeys.


You can change the shortcut keys if you wanted to, just click in the new shortcut key box and press your new key. When you’ve chosen it, click the Change button.


Disclaimer: Two hours were wasted in the research for this article. We are not responsible for lost time as a result of stumbling too often. I also tested this in Firefox.

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  • Published 10/18/07

Comments (6)

  1. Jake

    Also, if you prefer to use StumbleUpon more as a bookmarking site than for discovering new sites, then you can try bookmarklets instead of the toolbar.

  2. random

    Thank you so much, I had been using the keyboard shortcuts already, but was unaware that I could hide the toolbar and have it still work. Another great tweak I use is to have it auto-stumble when I give something a “thumbs down”.

  3. Geoserv

    Thanks for a great tutorial.

    DOTTED –

  4. Mayernick

    I’ve been using “Shift + Left” to stumble, “Shift + Down” for thumbs down and instant stumble and “Shift + Up” for thumbs up. Scrolling through the page is right there and I can stumble for hours without moving my hand.

  5. toolbar user

    Thanks for the tips… it would really be helpful, but the only issue is.. that I do not have the shortcut option at my toolbar. May be I am using an older one, so i’ll just upgrade and see if it works then. Using IE with stumble upon.

  6. Mustafoinc

    Thanks bro.

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