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Installing Windows Media Player Plugin for Firefox

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So you just bought a training video and popped it into your computer. You click on the menu in the autoplay dialog and it opens up Firefox, your default browser. Now you are staring at a blank screen. What now?

The problem is most likely because you don’t have the Windows Media Player plugin installed for Firefox, so all we need to do is install it.

Note that you’ll usually have the same problem anytime you try and view video files in FIrefox using Windows Media format, such as .wmv files.


Just download and run the plugin installer linked below. You’ll probably want to close Firefox during the installation.

Verifying Plugin Installation

After running through the very quick installation wizard, you might be curious if the installation actually worked. While the easiest method is to just open a Windows Media video, you can also type the following into the address bar to see the list of loaded plugins:


And you should see the Windows Media Player plugin in the list. You can also see which file types Firefox will use the plugin on.


And now I can view this Windows Media format video file in Firefox…


Technical Notes

In case you have any issues with this installer, you might want to take a look at this list to help with your troubleshooting:

  • The WMP plugin uses the IE Proxy settings, not the ones in Firefox. This is because the plugin itself is only a thin wrapper around Windows Media Player, which always uses IE internally to fetch data.
  • The plugin files are installed to the “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins” directory by default, and the file name is np-mswmp.dll. If the uninstaller fails to remove this file for whatever reason you can manually delete it.
  • You could also theoretically copy the same .dll file into the plugins directory on any Firefox installation and it should work without running the installer.


Download Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin from port25.technet.comĀ  [source]

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  • Published 11/19/07

Comments (18)

  1. CompuWorld

    nice find friend..

    I wonder what all kind of internet surfing you do and which feeds you read so as to get soo cool articles for your blog.

    and hey could please tell me how do you create those images for your posts which have shades in the borders?

    do you use picnik premium account??

  2. Nina

    Great! Although this is for Firefox it works in Opera too and just solved a problem for me. Keep up the great work-look forward to your posts.

  3. Thulemanden

    Apparently this is for Microsoft OS only.

  4. The Geek

    You are correct, this will only work for Windows… I should have mentioned that.

  5. Jake

    You can get a plug-in that plays Windows Media Player content on Ubuntu by installing the mozilla-mplayer package- it should work with Firefox, Opera, and other browsers that support Mozilla plug-ins. You may want to install kmplayer-konq-plugins if you use Konqueror however.

  6. Keith

    Help, please. I just attempted to install this wmp firefox plug-in and seems fairly straight forward. However, I can’t view embedded media player files. I closed all Firefox windows prior to installing. My verification page says the .wmv extension is enabled.

    Cannot view a .wmv embedded video, but can with MSIE.

    Firefox version Running Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

    Any suggestions?

  7. Tadd

    I can view my windows media player but not in FF. I have installed the plug ins as stated but its still not displaying in FF. plybe it my coding thats wrong. Can someone give me a code that correctly displays this Windows media player in both IE and FF. I m using IE7 and FF

  8. HackerBob

    Under Ubuntu Linux 8.0.4, I found that Firefox already has all the plug-ins installed to run anything and everything (except Flash).

    If you try to run a file in Windows Media Player format, Ubuntu/FF will either–
    (1) run with no action required on your part
    (2) prompt you to install “codecs”… just click the OK button and the required codecs are automatically installed. Next thing you know, WMP is playing away.

    To get Flash, I just started up Synaptic Package Manager, clicked on it, and it was installed automatically.

    Kind of bizarre but it’s gotten easier to install required code to run Windows-format multimedia files under Ubuntu Linux than under Windows OS !

  9. Dave

    I couldn’t find any information about the bizarre error that I am encountering with this plugin. When trying to run wmpfirefoxplugin.exe which is downloaded from the site linked to by this page, I get a dialog box titled “Windows Installer”

    This dialog box is that one that you might see when trying to install a language pack and being prompted for the Windows CD. Except, it’s prompting me for the “Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin” disk. Crazy, huh? Turns out it is looking for ffplugin.msi.

  10. Ruth

    Great stuff-it wasn’t until I came across this site that I decided to keep Firefox on my PC as I was having so many problems with downloads but your site makes it so easy….. XXX

  11. JP Mays

    Apparently they (presumably Microsoft) have corrected the default installation issue. I have Firefox installed in ‘D:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox’ and after checking the plug-ins folder I noticed that the DLL file mentioned above had been installed into my default Firefox folder, which isn’t on the C: drive

  12. Sam

    Firefox still shuts down as soon as i click a link on media player to listen to songs on internet

  13. Lars

    Where oh where is the plug-in for Windows 2000?

  14. Steve

    I downloaded the plug in for Vista but my Windows Media Player still does not work. It does not appear in the list when I type about:plugins……In the process, I clicked repair and hit enter and agreed to the install. What am I doing wrong? Is running it the same as installing it? I thought I did it ok….Thanks for helping!!

  15. joopbraak

    “Where oh where is the plug-in for Windows 2000?”

    Just unpack the executable with Universal Extractor (twice, first the exe and then the msi) and then place np-mswmp.dll in the Firefox plugin directory. Or just grab it from a Windows PC where it’s already installed.

  16. Rick

    Having problem downloading flash player. It keeps saying to turn off firefox. What is the best or right way to fix the problem.


  17. dirkjan de boer

    If the plugin won’t run in firefox, then delete the startup ‘value’ of WMP in REGEDIT in the key:


    after that, you have to log off, and log in again.

  18. vaccines alter dna

    dude !
    do the same for ubuntu please

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