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Hide That Annoying Google Experimental Search Survey Box (in Firefox)

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Update: Looks like Google removed the survey box now! That didn’t take long, gotta love Google.

If you’ve opted into one of the Google Experimental Search programs like the keyboard shortcuts experiment, you’ve probably seen the annoying survey box that doesn’t seem to go away, even after you take the survey. Good thing Firefox is customizable, so we can easily remove it with a Stylish script.

I’ve taken the survey more than once… so why do I keep seeing this box?


Hide Annoying Survey Box

You’ll need to have the Stylish extension installed for this tweak to work, but it’s also a great extension well worth installing anyway.

Just click on the Stylish icon in the status bar and choose “Write Style” and then “For…” (if you are looking at the search results page, otherwise choose Blank Style)


Paste in this code into the textbox, and give the style a name in the description box.

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain(“”) {
#exp_msgs {display:none !important;}


After clicking Save or Preview, you should see that annoying box is gone:


The Stylish extension can be used similarly to hide any element on any page that you don’t want to see anymore, or even completely revamp the look of an entire site.

Note: for loads of submitted user styles, you should check out

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  • Published 04/7/08

Comments (2)

  1. Leon

    This can also be accomplished using the Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper extension ( This extension is great if you don’t know the code of any element on a page which is annoying you as you simply select it with your mouse. So it’s perfect for less tech-savvy users too.

    Note: you’ll also need the Adblock Plus extension ( in order for this extension to work, which is great for hiding all ads on the web. But you don’t have to “activate” it if you don’t want to hide ads for any reason (such as supporting cool sites like How-To Geek)!

  2. Den

    Once time I did unactivate google search options for privous check words. Now, I want to activate mine search option. When I click in search bar then it does not come privous check words. Please help me.

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