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Get Your Yahoo! Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird for Free

If you’ve switched from Yahoo! over to Gmail because you prefer to read your email in a desktop client such as Thunderbird, you probably are wondering how you can do the same thing with Yahoo! for free.

The answer is the YPOPs! open-source application, which runs in the background and simulates a browser to provide an interface via POP to download your email into a desktop client.

Important Note: This utility most likely violates the Yahoo! terms and could potentially result in your account being terminated, so use at your own risk. If you are worried about this, you can get POP access with Yahoo! Mail Plus for $20 / year.

Install YPOPs! Client

The first thing you’ll need to do is download and install the YPOPs! client piece. The installation is about as simple as it gets, just run through it and then make sure you’ve started the client before moving forwards. There’s no configuration needed to get things started.

Download YPOPs! from

Setup Yahoo! Mail in Thunderbird

Open Account Settings from the Tools \ Account Settings menu item, and then click on “Add Account” on the lower left-hand side. Choose “Email Account” on the first screen and click Next, then enter in your name and Yahoo! email address on the Identity screen:


On the Server Information screen you’ll need to enter “” in the Incoming Server field, and then click next. If you don’t have a default outgoing server already setup then you will probably be prompted for that, just use the same IP address.


Add your Yahoo! email address again in the User Names dialog, and then click next a few times and then Finish.


If you already have an outgoing server that you would prefer to use, you can skip most of the next section.

Setup Outgoing Email

If you would like to use Yahoo’s email server for outgoing mail, select “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” on the left hand pane near the bottom, and then click Add.


Enter “” into the Server Name field and your Yahoo email address in the User Name field. Make certain that you select No for “Use secure connection”.

Now to assign this outgoing server to your Yahoo account, select the account on the left-hand side and then change the drop-down that says “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” to your new Yahoo server that you just added.


At this point you should be ready to go. Just click the “Get Mail” button, and then you’ll be prompted for your Yahoo password.


Voila! We now have Yahoo email in Thunderbird.


Additional Options

The YPOPs utility’s configuration panel gives you a bunch of extra options, for instance the Download Folders screen will allow you to pull email from your custom folders.


The “Sending Email” screen has a checkbox that will store your outgoing email in the Yahoo sent items folder.


And the “Miscellaneous” screen will let you hide the tray icon… quite useful.


The instructions in this guide could be easily adapted to any other mail client as well. Again, if your email account is really important you probably shouldn’t use this… just switch to Gmail.

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  • Published 01/20/08

Comments (83)

  1. Chase

    After I did this, it came up saying “An error occurred with the mail server. responded:

    but it doesn’t give me an error message. Any ideas?

  2. yogaf

    You don’t have to kill a fly with a canon, try Webmail extension -

  3. Lisaweb

    Wow! This is an awesome find! Lately, I’ve been finding some really great tools at But soo many escape my notice. Thanks Geek!

  4. The Geek


    I found that one but I haven’t tested that one out yet… the main benefit to this tool is that it works with other mail clients, such as Outlook.

  5. Daniel Spiewak

    As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that using YPOPs! is technically a security risk (because you’re then running a local mail server). Make sure your firewall is in order and blocking all incoming requests to YPOPs!

  6. InDiSent

    i’ll have to try this in outlook

  7. SuAlfons

    here in Germany, the Yahoo-Pop Servers are open for free since ages. I use them – don’t know since when. In fact, it was my very first non-university mail account, must have been in the 90s. I just recently noticed that there is something like Yahoo Mail Plus and wondered what it would be good for…

    Maybe you might try to check your mails with the German POP-Servers?, (No idea if this works with international accounts).


  8. InDiSent

    Try this instead to see if you can get pop access:

    C:\Documents and Settings\*****>ping
    Ping request could not find host Please check the name and t
    ry again.

    C:\Documents and Settings\*****>ping

    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=107ms TTL=48
    Reply from bytes=32 time=106ms TTL=48
    Reply from bytes=32 time=110ms TTL=48
    Reply from bytes=32 time=106ms TTL=48

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 106ms, Maximum = 110ms, Average = 107ms

    Hope this works……i’m gonna try it now.

  9. InDiSent

    Nevermind, didn’t work.

  10. Chase

    I spent about 2 hours going through every tutorial. I have everything set up right. My firewall is open to it, I tried different ports, everything. If I use then it says it’s not a valid domain. If I don’t use it it says (blank) is an unsupported domain. I am a computer tech so I know various ways. Webmail and YPOPs both just don’t work for me. :(

  11. Vikram

    This is Really cool Geek. Worked like a charm! Now I dont have to open browser to get to Yahoo mail. My Mail client handles all the email accounts for me!

    Greatttt Find! Go Geek!

  12. InDiSent

    I did learn that most other countries have free pop service from yahoo. If anyone wants it that bad they could just get a UK yahoo account.

  13. naj

    the webmail extension from the mozilla website works without a hitch, i hve been using it for about 6months need to use any 3rd party can even get hotmail emails with hotmail webmail extension.


  14. Ibrahim

    By the way, if you happen to use SBC/AT&T Yahoo DSL you can turn an existing Yahoo mail account into a plus one for free. I did this, but I don’t use yahoo mail anymore anyway.

  15. Martin Wildam

    I do not need such a tool, I use as POP3-Server on port 995 (SSL) and for sending as SMTP on port 465 (with SSL). Everything with authentication with my yahoo id and password.

  16. Joe

    @Chase: Try once with the new Yahoo Mail interface on, and try it again after turning off the new Ajax-y, slow-loading, drag-and-drop Yahoo bloat. The webmail add-on only worked for me with the old interface.

  17. Chase

    Still doesn’t work’ve tried everything…

  18. SirEv

    It’s work fine. Thanks

  19. abe

    How come its not leaviung me a copy in my yahoo address. can i not do that?

  20. GM

    I use Mac and OS X. I have tried all methods, and YPOP! isn´t supported on OS X. Do you know how I can get my Yahoo! mail to Thunderbird?

  21. Adnan

    how can I forward mail from Yahoo to Gmail account?

  22. Premankan

    Following your method (albeit, with minor variations)…I was able to get my Yahoo! mail working with Outlook 2007!


  23. Praveen

    hello every body,

    I want to get my three different mails to on account how can I DO THAT.

    I would be waiting for your reply.

    Thank you in advance.


  24. Gigi

    i’m getting the “sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: Unable to open INBOX”

    What could be the problem? i’ve tried switching between the old and new mail interface on my browser, seems to work when i have my mail open in my browser (firefox)…

  25. Naveen

    i installed YPOP to get yahoomail into my thunderbird… while starting the ypop i got the below shown error message

    Unable to create SMTP server socket.please ensure that another copy of this program is not running.if you are using an antivirus program with email scan enabled,you might have to change the port in ypop to an non standard port then make the appropriate change in your email application.YPOPs will not service any of the request from your email application till you make you necessary applications

    but i stopped all the other programs and even i stopped the antivirus program too… but the same error message is coming…. as a consequence of this i can receive mails from yahoo,but i cannot send any mail from yahoo through the thunderbird client… what to do give me solution…

    even i tried webmail too… but it doesnt list out any domains and because of this an error message displayed as unsupported domain… but i configured correctly right from the server name to user name…help me… is their any other way to get yahoomail into thunderbird

  26. SErgio MARINO

    Muy bueno muchas gracias !!!

    Cool , thanks !!!

  27. Guest

    Heres a site i found to be usefull

    The Webmail extension integrates web site based email accounts in to Mozllia Thunderbird, this allows Thunderbird to download and to send emails using the web site.

    Currently Yahoo, Hotmail, Lycos (Europe), MailDotCom, Gmail, Libero, and AOL domains are supported.

  28. Anonymous

    Method works. No flaws maybe connected for a day or two, once Yahoo catches on, they will block access

  29. Wen

    I’ve done everything correctly step by step, but when when i press ‘get mail’, it says the connection is refused. What’s happening?

  30. Wen

    Wait, now it works, and it starts to download my mail, but the connection keeps timing out

  31. Jamshed

    I added the Yahoo account into Mozilla Firefox but it si not appearing in the panel but it is appear in the setting I don’t know what is wring with and I checked the setting is fine ….

    Can someone help me to rid of this problem.

  32. Dave

    When I try to connect I get “Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded : negative vibes from


  33. Steven


    I’ve tried this before with instructions from another site and couldn’t get it working. I also tried WebMail with no luck.

    Here I find clear and comprise instructions and I now have a fully working Yahoo/Thunderbird mail client!


  34. Edgar

    Hi…it worked fine with little exceptions…
    I can successfully download incoming emails from one of my yahoo accounts. The other yahoo account will not see any emails (its like there are no emails) and when i try to send any emails i get the “mailbox unavailable” error!
    Any ideas and sugestions?

  35. joel

    it worked! thanks!

  36. nick

    I use an American yahoo account, I use Windows Vista, and it doesn’t work for me

  37. nick

    i said it didn’t work b4, well now it did, thxs geek dude!

  38. Sasha

    Guys, yahoo had close this function, I thingh so.

  39. Ranil

    I try it many ways but finaly I found this geek, It’s worked.

  40. bassus-play

    Works like a charm…first time I did the same with some plug-ins, but this is easier to configure. Thanks!

  41. Luis

    Hey guys, I have tried everything you have mentioned and IT DIDN’T WORK. I get this message: “host is contacted, sending longing information” and then it says that “there are no new messages on the server” even if my email is full of messages. I van even send emails from my Mozilla Thunderbird but receiving none. What can I do? thanks a lot.

  42. Rohmat

    i’ve tried with ypops and didnt succeed, nothing happen, i check via browser, there is 5 new message, but thunderbird cannot get it.

  43. Jay

    Now the webmail extension also is not working. Sometimes it download a bit of messages and then times out. At all cases, the outgoing messages are blocked. Any solution?? I had used webmail extension successfully before. But don’t know why it is not working now.

  44. linh

    I tried hardly but thank god i found this tip, thank you !

  45. Gabe

    Great tutorial man!
    I followed the directions and got the thing runing in Foxmail without problem.
    In case anybody needs to do it: create your new account (with name and password from your yahoo account). Go to properties. Go to configuration. Paste the in the SMTP line and POP3 line.
    Then retrieve the mail list with “remote administration” and that’s all. Hopefully my yahoo account wont be shut down and I can use it with the others I have!

  46. jonathan

    works great

  47. bat

    use this if u use u have address

    Incoming Mail Server (POP3): “”
    Use SSL, port: 110

    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): “”
    Use SSL, port: 25, use authentication


  48. Dan

    Very nice tutorial.

    Ypops is broken and has been broken since May. It may or may not work for you. I have used it for several years through several Yahoo revisions and it has always been fixed and upgraded. This time it has not happened and there is no indication on the forums that it will be fixed anytime soon.

    I would suggest that you do not waste your time at this time.

  49. Bronwyn

    For Australial users, Yahoo has instructions here:

    It works on Windows Mail on Vista.

  50. ABC

    This is not working, neither the webmail. Yahoo and hotmail are doing their best to prevent people from downloading the mail without seeing the ads. I am using poppeeper, but still needs updates on web mail frequently. The better way is to use a software called favorite finder [its a german s/w] with the option of “remember me on this computer” checked. Or the new forefox flock can be used.

  51. donna

    Wow, this is great. Thanks for taking the time to put it up. I would not have figured this out on my own.

  52. Delly

    Doesn’t work for me, the closest I get is the “” message. I tried the webmail extension before but got the negative vibes password treatment. Plus those extensions (in my experience) only download new mail, not archived stuff.


    I’ve tried everything to get it to work. First, I got it to download a couple emails but it couldn’t send. Not it tells me Yahoo suspects suspicous activity and I get a 999 message on my account when I try to go on it. (disappears after a while). I can’t configure it to download (I only put 10 messages and at like 3 hours apart or something.) or send and I really wish I could. It’s a US account. Seems other countries have a lot better look. I tried Webmail too and no luck. Do webmail and Ypops conflict with each other?

    I just want to download a few thousand emails for offline research….ten at a time..should take five billion years…

    Any suggestions?

    I haven’t tried using my STMP address from browser?opera? is that what I should try and find?

    Didn’t find much advice for me in their forums either. Seems it works for some people and not others. Either way, yahoo seems to definitely recognize that a program is trying to get their mail…

  54. Skye

    is there a way to import your windows live mail emails to thunderbird? i have been trying without any success and cant find any information to help me out.

  55. Adam

    Hi guys

    Is there a problem getting accounts to work in Thunderbird. I can’t get it up and running.



  56. Ron

    It’s not always this simple, I kept getting a retrieval message and this is the fix for it.

    The problem being yahoo must be changing their settings to combat people getting webmail for free. This fix routes your yahoo mail through izymail (it’s free) your email program pulls your mail from izymail instead. After the free sign up you change your ingoing and outgoing email settings in Thunderbird. Ypops remains the same.

  57. Gladiator

    Hi, I jus want to know how to create a new account in Thunderbird( same is the case for Outlook 2007),
    coz it is askimg for the Incoming mail server and outgoing server etc..
    i donno these details, can anyone tell me where to get the server details and all,
    any answer related will be seriously apprecitaed..

  58. ds

    If you still can’t get message from yahoo trying to use Ypops ver. in previous version Thunderbird doesn’t work. In this version everything is OK.

  59. Kirtan

    Thank you. Its working fine…

  60. Anjang

    Thank you for the tutor.

  61. This is awesome

    This is exactly what I have been looking for, like, forever. Thank you so much. Works like a charm.

    P.S. Your instructions were perfect for Outlook; same questions, different interface. Thanks again!

  62. This Is Awesome

    P.S. I should add that I had to turn off my anti-virus entirely for Ypops to work; pausing email scanning didn’t cut it. Since I’m only using Ypops for infrequent backups for known-clean (to me, anyway) emails, I’m okay with that, but I sure wouldn’t leave it off for any length of time.

    I suppose I could have changed the port like the help file said but I was too lazy. :)

  63. Bijan Soleymani

    You can use IMAP directly instead of through YPOPs. You need a special version of thunderbird:!_Mail#Free_IMAP_and_SMTPs_access

    incoming server: (IMAP port 143)
    outgoing server: (SMTP SSL port 465)
    password: same as yahoo webmai

    you can also use IMAPs (IMAP with SSL)
    incoming server: (IMAP enable SSL port 993)l
    certificate does not match hostname so you have to accept manually

  64. Anshul

    Splendid peice of information that really helped… Thanxx!!!

  65. CULTurgut

    @Bijan Soleymani

    YOU SIR RULE, it’s working great with the special version of thunderbird

    BtW-The geek rule, too =D

  66. ramesh

    i want to configure thunderbird for my yahoomail (
    what is incoming server name and outgoing server name for

  67. aggie

    i ended up not being able to use any of the options state here (though i did not try the alternate thunderbird installation). my purpose was to migrate from yahoo to gmail. i ended up successfully doing that by moving all messages, one folder at a time, to my inbox and thunderbird downloading them with POP (not IMAP), then i dragged them to my gmail server folders in thunderbird.

    a bit cumbersome, but it works. keeps message times etc in tact.

  68. aggie

    bijan, your method works fine :) i decided i had too many folders to do it the manual POP method via inbox only…

  69. noob

    I have been attempting to set up my yahoo mail in thunderbird this seems to be the best walkthrough iv come across so far but when i enter acc set up it looks nothink like the images above ?????

  70. S.M.T.F

    I have a ymail account and i try to setup my ymail account to thunderbird but i can’t
    this error apeared
    “connection to server timed out”

    please help me
    thank you

  71. salem

    Not working because localhost has been in use on my PC for apache

  72. YOo

    Does this also work with Thunderbird 3.0?? did anyone try it out?

  73. Kevin

    @YOo, I use the webmail extension and it works perfectly. You just have to look around for the settings though in Tools -> Account Settings

  74. thewayur

    @kevin pls pls pls help me! none of working in latest version my id nishant_way @ yahoo . com

  75. Paul

    I’m trying to tell a friend how to configure Yahoo Mail with Thunderbird, yet I can’t do it myself.

  76. crew

    No longer need to install YPOPS, Thunderbird can access Yahoo POP already (for Yahoo Asia)

  77. Rich

    Bijans method Works!

    Only after I uninstalled the old version of Thunderbird and all prefs and stuff.
    But it wouldn’t work if I used login with SSL authentication.

  78. pmat20

    Hi guys,
    I find the instructions given above by Martin Wildam works perfectly for Yahoo mail and it is the simplest way.
    I am quoting it below:

    “I use as POP3-Server on port 995 (SSL) and for sending as SMTP on port 465 (with SSL). Everything with authentication with my yahoo id and password.”

  79. Steve Knepp

    Unfortunatelyour friends in Cupertino assume everyone’s a dolt and needs automatic setup to configure a mail account. We aren’t offered the option of selecting IMAP over POP during setup. You can trick the Mail setup in to allowing you to select POP if you use your correct account info but type an incorrect password. Login will fail and you now have an account you can edit and switch to IMAP!

    For the sake of brevity I posted a narrated tutorial with screen shots at :

  80. Alex Milotin

    I’ve done the settings as in the post but i can’t figure out why the server doesn`t send my username and password.

    The error message i’m getting is : “Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server localhost responded : Bad Login. YPOPs was unable to login to Yahoo! Mail with the given credentials.”

    I’ve checked several time , my username and password are ok. What could be the probleme ?

  81. zahid ali


  82. CooL_BOy

    Use the Thunderbird 5.It creates account and configure it automatically.

  83. Sagar

    @Cool_BOy: I installed thunderbird 5. Still no luck. Any help??

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