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Expand the Add Bookmark Dialog in Firefox by Default

If you are reading this article you are probably annoyed that every single time you add a bookmark in Firefox you have to click on the expand button to show the folder list before you can actually locate the folder to put the bookmark in.

There are two solutions that I’ve found to make Firefox expand this dialog by default, one is an extension and the other is a Stylish script, so we’ll go over both solutions.


Using the OpenBook Extension

Download and install the OpenBook extension from Mozilla Add-ons, and after rebooting Firefox you’ll see that the bookmark dialog is now open by default:


There are also a bunch more useful options available in the ridiculously tall Options window:


The most interesting thing here is that you can set Firefox to automatically bookmark into a particular folder by selecting the “Add bookmark to folder below” option.

Using Stylish Tweak Method

If you’re a fan of the Stylish extension you’d probably prefer to just add another user style instead of a separate extension. You won’t get the extra features, but it does save you some extension bloat.

It’s as simple as installing the Add Bookmark Dialog user style… click the button to load into Stylish:


And now you’ll see that the default dialog is changed. You can customize the width / height in the script if you’d like, which is something you can’t do with the OpenBook extension.


Disabling The Stylish Tweak

Because this user style is for the user interface, it won’t show up in the regular Stylish popup, so you’ll have to go into Manage Styles.


You should see the “Add Bookmark Dialog” style in the list, and just remove the check from the left of it.


Don’t forget that you can just drag bookmarks straight off the address bar and onto the bookmarks bar, which is really the simplest option.

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  • Published 11/13/07

Comments (6)

  1. Jake

    I now rarely touch browser bookmarks, but I still do prefer the Add Bookmark Here extension. It isn’t the same way of bookmarking, but essentially accomplishes the same thing.

  2. debasys

    A hearty thanks, i am a big fan of Stylish [already got a handfull of add-ons installed , also grease monkey scripts overload & break my FF] and this just works great!!

  3. Firefox bookmarks is terrible

    The bookmark that comes originally with Firefox is literally a terrible thing. First of all, bookmarks are not alphabetically sorted. Secondly, it is not possible to change order of the folders by clicking on folders and then moving them by dragging. Third thing is that folders automatically don’t come before files. Fourth thing is that you can not move folders up and down in Organize bookmarks section.

  4. emarell

    Stylish script did nothing in the current Firefox version (3.5) – several readers have already asked for that script to be updated.

    However the OpenBook add-on that Mozilla lists as of today is up to date – it worked fine in Firefox 3.5.

    What an odd glitch to show up when they hit v3.5 (first time I have seen it) – made that dialog window pretty useless. Thanks for this page of fix-it tips.

  5. James McGrew

    Why in god’s name doesn’t firefox do fix their lousy bookmarks?!! Everything listed in “Firefox bookmarks is terrible”, above is true. Does anybody know why they just leave it the way it is?

  6. praveen


    Is there any way to set up bookmarking options within a web application. if so can you help me out to set up a customised bookmarking options (the bookmark must not be browser / system specific instead it should be user specific so that if he logins from any system he should be able to get his bookmarks within his application)

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