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Edit Your Firefox Bookmarks Easier with Flat Bookmark Editor

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If you are working on editing a bunch of bookmarks at the same time, you’ve already noticed the pain of having to click on a bookmark and then click Properties, and then edit the details in a popup dialog… and then close that and repeat for the next bookmark.

There’s a much better way to edit the bookmarks, by using the Flat Bookmark Editor extension, which eliminates all the popup dialog editing.

When you open up the Bookmarks Manager, now you’ll see a new panel at the bottom where you can easily edit the selected bookmark.


You can turn the new panel on/off by using the View \ Properties menu item, or hitting the Ctrl+P shortcut.


Note that this extension won’t be useful in Firefox 3 because of the redesigned “Places” feature.

Download Flat Bookmark Editing extension from Mozilla Add-ons

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  • Published 12/31/07

Comments (6)

  1. Zac Garrett

    Or you can just grab a copy of firefox 3 which has this almost exact feature built in.

  2. The Geek

    Yes, thankfully Firefox 3 has more features for bookmarks. I especially like being able to simply “star” a link with a single click.

  3. Richard

    I do like the “starring” feature, but I’d love a way to star and tag in one go. Am I wishing for something that’s there already that I’ve just missed? :)

  4. Eduardo Sandino

    Thanks for the info, i have toons of good bookmarks and constantly i have bookmarks problems cos i have some of my job and in house others and always trying to mix them is a paintfull work… THanks a lot!!!!

  5. Hervelh

    @Eduardo Sandino: have a look at mozilla Weave. Will let you sync your job and home bookmarks

  6. Nemurire

    since my only browser version has been the latest..sort of-i’m not really too up about how disadvantageous not having such a feature would be. however since i’m a near bookmark addict, i’d say the quick bookmark feature is a huge upgrade from the one provided by the default browser installed.

    i do wish this one also kept the; once you bookmark to certain folder, it remembers and bookmarks to same folder next time you click feature though. or at least remembered to leave the folders as you opened them. openbook(*addon) solved the later for me. also got rid of a few unnecessary stuff in the same dialog. if only it could hide the rating stuff too..

    there is one thing i’d like by default though-or at least had another addon that could do as extbook* can. i really love it for it’s simplicity-even more so we can hide the stars/Xs we don’t need. sadly though, it is ‘experimental’ and freezes on some sites requiring to open task manger and cancel the whole process.

    oh and while i’m typing this, something else-a ‘smart’ spell-checker. like for above, didn’t realise i typed out keeped instead of kept and it gave me keeper, keened etc instead. something that recognizes and ‘learns’ common mistakes would be good too^^
    ..i wonder if somehow i can tell it i type realise with a s rather than a z?

    ..i really hope one day when i do grow up i’d be able to contribute and write/create extensions like these. because all i have now is just ideas. experience and those more ideas that i also have from using them other addons made by many other people… (awe)

    thank you for reading and sorry to bother you

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