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Disable Web Site Window Resizing in Firefox

You might have already seen this tip on Lifehacker recently, but I felt it was important to spread the word on how to stop web sites from resizing your browser (One of my pet peeves).

Just open up the Firefox Options window, and click on the Content tab.

Click the Advanced button across from the “Enable JavaScript”, and you should see the “Advanced JavaScript Settings” dialog.

From here, you just have to uncheck the “Move or resize existing windows” checkbox, and you are done.

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  • Published 03/30/07

Comments (8)

  1. Jamie

    THANK YOU. That is my worst pet peeve of the internet, and you just saved me untold amounts of aggravation from “cool” web developers who think they know better than I how large I want my browser window.

  2. Aleksey V. Zapparov AKA ixti

    THANK YOU A LOT! Now my nightmare with those “cool” web sites are finally over :))

  3. Joe

    With all these old loopholes and all these new ones coming out, you just want to cripple everything they can do without sacrificing anything.

  4. max

    thanks a lot!!


    Thank you!

  6. Portshot

    Thank you! Never had to worry about this until now, dealing with an Adobe website of all sites!!

  7. Kat

    I just did this fix, and then while typing this response Firefox resized my window AGAIN, automatically. It only seems to happen while I am typing a reply or something in a “box” on a window. AARGH it drives me nuts.

  8. dfg

    thx man. I can’t belive I’ve been tolerating this stupid resize for so long, while it took 5 seconds to fix :)

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