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Create Screenshot Image of Entire Web Page in Firefox

My good friend Tim asked me the other day: “How do I take a screenshot of an entire web page… am I supposed to just piece two images together?” Thankfully for Tim he has a geek friend to explain a simple way to accomplish this.

I’ve already converted Tim to use Firefox, which is a requirement for this particular method. There are other methods of taking a screenshot image for Internet Explorer, which I’ll write about at another time.

The Screengrab! extension will let us take a complete page screenshot from the right-click context menu:


If you choose the Save branch of the menu, you can save the image out to a file instead of the clipboard. The one thing you want to remember is to name the file with an extension of .png, or else you might have problems opening it.


Only took a couple seconds to create this screenshot:


I’ve been using this extension for quite a while with good luck.

Download Screengrab! Extension from Mozilla Add-ons

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  • Published 10/19/07

Comments (27)

  1. apex2000

    Thanks. This is very useful.

  2. Insomnic

    I used this add-on for years for training and web page design illustration. I highly recommend this for anyone that ever has to screenshot a web page. One of the best options is that it can grab only the page and not the Firefox program elements.

  3. Gloomlord

    This is a really cool tool… I’ve always wanted something like this but never bothered to see if such a tool existed, I’m glad it does!

  4. Relequestual

    This looks good. You could also use FSCapture, which works on any scrolled window. Just don’t try to use it in MS Excell, that can be quite interesting.

  5. Mike Ness

    Very nice. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted something like this. Excellent website! One of my favorites. Thank you StumbleUpon…

  6. T. H.

    thanks! this helped TONS!

  7. Anon_G

    Hi. Good info. I have been using this extension for a bit and find it useful but, have found that it does not work with some web pages. I have tried screengrabbing these two pages with no success >>

    I have tried selecting both “Save” and “Copy” the whole page and nothing happens. After that I went to Google and did the same and the page is saved as should be. Have no clue as to why it will not grab those two pages.

  8. Mary Hinge

    Unfortunately this add-on does not work with Firefox v3.0.5 but there is another way which I’ve used for a while, called CutePDF Writer (its Free!) Basically, once installed, go to the web site that you want to save, then (in Firefox) go to File, then Print (or use Ctrl + P) and use CutePDF as your printer device, if you need to save more than one page, just enter the number of pages you wish to print. Takes seconds to have an almost perfect copy! You will have to install Ghostscript first, all available from the link below.

    Hope this helps?

  9. rhea

    I downloaded this but it is not showing up where it should be – in fact I cannot find it anywhere on my browser although it shows up as a download

    WTF am I doing wrong? Help please

  10. rhea

    Forget it – 14 year old son showed me


  11. tony

    Thank you so much! I am an online copywriter and I LOVE SALES COPY – So
    I will definitely be using this to “swipe” others copy.

    Thank You!

  12. Andy Cook

    Thanks a lot! Having this show up as the first result in Google proved really helpful!

  13. Delon

    Thank you so much. i was spending much times by googling to find some way to get full page screen shot. :)

  14. DuFFeR - ڈفر

    i was looking for the same

  15. Mark Matuszewski

    This is awesome…you have no idea how much I needed this! Where can I send a donation?


  16. Nathan


  17. Miss Versatile

    Great information-thanks!

  18. Brett

    Thanks for building this add-on. I use to spend minutes on cutting and pasting to collect a full screen shot that was never a hundred percent perfect. Now with this add-on, I can save the whole page without any extra work.


  19. Mal

    OMG! I have been wasting my time piecing together multiple screenshots for years. Cheers for sharing.

    PS. I am going to donate to the developer too for saving me so much time! :-)

  20. lliam

    im trying to take a screenshot of a game i play on face book and iv tryed screengrab it doesn’t work for my game do you have any tip for doing it with a game?

  21. diego

    nice!… thanks!

  22. Heather

    AWESOME!!! thanks

  23. Dinesh

    Great Utility. Unfortunately could not capture large pages like custom Google Maps in 10000×10000 size. Something to do with the memory, I guess. Nevertheless great for other page size.

  24. Rory Kenney

    On certain sites, Ad Blocker disrupts Screen Grab and doesn’t allow the operation to happen. Are there anyways around this or is this a copyright issue?

  25. Peter

    I haven’t found the option “Screen Grab!” in the context menu ( right click menu ) ..
    Maybe because I have a lot of other options added by other extension?!

  26. Ghostaka

    Not to step on any Firefox toes, but Maxthon browser does have this feature in-built. HOWEVER Firefox is essential in ma life to access my campus system at university, and after bringing this fantastic news to us, I would like to thank you ma bud. Your article helped me a llloooot.

  27. Paul_Bags

    Hi, how can I do this in google chrome? The chorme screenshot app has a ‘whole page’ option, but it still only takes visible area, not the whole page :(.

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