Conserve Space in Firefox by Combining Toolbars

I’m not a fan of wasted space in user interfaces, so any time I can consolidate down to only useful functionality I’m happy about it. The subject today is how to consolidate the Firefox toolbars down to just the items we actually use, to save space for the 45 tabs I like to have open.

Hide the Menu Toolbar with Personal Menu Extension

There are a number of ways to hide the Menu toolbar, but I prefer using the Personal Menu extension. Once you’ve installed the extension, you’ll be able to hide the menus toolbar:


To show the menu toolbar again you can use the Alt key. You’ll also notice that some new items will be added to your menu, which can be customized or just removed.

Download Personal Menu Extension from Mozilla Add-ons

Combine Bookmarks Toolbar & Navigation Toolbar

You might already know this, but you can move the bookmarks from the Bookmarks toolbar and onto any other toolbar. Right-click on the menu and choose Customize…


Then click and drag the “Bookmarks Toolbar Items” to another toolbar… I chose to move them to the Navigation toolbar.


Now you’ll be able to hide the Bookmarks Toolbar as shown:


If you hide the Status bar via the View menu, you’ll end up with an extremely streamlined browser:


There are other customizations you can do as well, such as removing the Go button to save even more space.

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