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Change Ctrl+Enter Behavior in Firefox

My good friend Daniel asked me yesterday how to change Firefox so that Shift+Enter auto-completes *.org instead of *.net. After about a 2 minute google session, I had the answer to share with everybody.

If you are unfamiliar with how this works, you can enter in howtogeek into the address bar, and use Ctrl+Enter instead of just hitting enter and Firefox will automatically complete it to

About:Config Tweak

To adjust the built-in Ctrl+Enter setting, you can just set some values in the Firefox configuration to change the default from .com to whatever else you want. If you want to change Shift+Ctrl+Enter then you’ll have to skip down to the next section.

Navigate to about:config in your address bar, and then filter by browser.fixup as shown here:


There are a couple of values that you can set related to this setting:

  • browser.fixup.alternate.enabled – You can use this to turn the Ctrl+Enter behavior off entirely.
  • browser.fixup.alternate.prefix – This value sets the prefix assigned before the keyword you type.
  • browser.fixup.alternate.suffix – This value sets what is assigned after the keyword. For instance, you could use this to change the default suffix to your country code, like

Use the URL Suffix Extension

If you want to configure all of the settings, including the Shift+Enter for .net and the Ctrl+Shift+Enter for .org, you can use the URL Suffix extension to configure all of them, or even set a custom value for when you hit Enter in the address bar.

Install the extension, and then open up the options through the add-ons screen. You’ll see this easy to use dialog:


Any changes you make in here should be immediate.

Download URL Suffix Extension for Firefox

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  • Published 09/28/07

Comments (12)

  1. Wikzo

    Didn’t know about that feature … looks cool, thanks :)

  2. Amazed

    Wow just what I was looking for, it helps you add in and remove the rarely used .org


  3. Henry

    Thanks for the tips and pointer to URL Suffix. I’ve been looking for a way to disable the Shift-Enter behaviour because of the annoying way it interacts with Smart Keywords (e.g. if I type google “search terms” in the address bar and hit Enter a few milliseconds before releasing the Shift I was holding down to add the last quote mark, it appends www. and .net and messes it up).

  4. TreXiizMeisTeR

    how can we change the behaviour of ctrl+shift+enter and shift+enter without this addonn?

    It is said to skip down to the next section for ctrl+shift+enter?

  5. Miff

    Is there a version for Firefox 3?

  6. Franck

    The current version of “URL Suffix Extension” (0.3.3) is not compatible with Firefox 3.x :-(
    Any other solution to customize the Shift-Enter shortcut ?

  7. Fate

    This was a comment on the firefox add-ons page for this extension. (I tried it and it works perfectly.)

    “3.0.1 working version

    Love this addon. For those wanting an updated version that works with 3.0.1, here ya go:

    by Lee Glover on July 28, 2008″

  8. Pedro

    Fantastic!!! Thank you so much. I had the brazilian version which gave very annoying to me!


  9. Librarian

    When I leave the prefix blank, it continues to insert www — thoughts? I want it to go to an internal domain that doesn’t require the www, but when I leave it blank, it enters it and of course, fails.

  10. Eric

    This question should maybe be a separate thread, but it closely parallels this topic, so I will leave it here. IE8 has a “shift+enter” shortcut that navigates to the first entry in the smart address bar. Any way to make Firefox do that with “shift+enter” as well?

  11. Imran

    Thanks for such a gr8 article…

  12. Lalbahadur


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