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Backup and Restore Firefox Passwords List

Somebody recently wrote in asking how to backup the list of saved passwords in Firefox into a spreadsheet, so I’m writing the solution here for everybody: All you need is the Password Exporter extension.

If you’d like to backup your entire profile including passwords, cookies, bookmarks, etc, you can use this method.

Open up the Add-ons screen and find Password Exporter in the list, where you can click the Options button to bring up the Import/Export Passwords dialog.


You can either import or export your passwords using this dialog, and you can choose to encrypt them if you want.


You can export in either XML or CSV format. If you are trying to create a spreadsheet with all your passwords the CSV file would be a better choice.


Just be very careful with the list of passwords you exported.

Download Password Exporter from Mozilla Add-ons

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  • Published 10/1/07

Comments (12)

  1. Ryan Wagner

    There’s also the two files you can copy from your profile. I don’t remember exactly what they were off the top of my head, but I think they are key.db and signons.txt. If you back both of those up you will always be able to restore your passwords.

  2. The Geek

    I think it’s key3.db and signons2.txt (at least those are the files on my install) The passwords are encrypted in those files.

    The reason I used this extension was that I wanted to move my passwords into a different password manager, so I exported them out in CSV format so I could import them, since the extension lets you export in plain text.

    Great comment, though… always like it when people leave helpful comments.

  3. peter

    Your Password Exporter was working without any problem till now but with FF20014, this does not work anymore.
    Irrespective of output file format (CSV ot XML) – Password Exporter now outputs a file of 0 bytes!
    Could you please help?

  4. Jo Eskil RÝset

    I believe that your easy 2-file export/save needs a 3rd file. The Cert8.db needs to go with key3.db and signons2.txt. At least this was how I got my passwords back.

  5. dora the explorer

    Hi, just looking for updated info. Should I bother with this addon or will it not work with the most recent firefox? I’m asking here in Feb 2009. Anyone help me?

  6. tjustleft

    The Geek got it right. Thanks for that. On my Ubuntu system I just copied Key3.db and signons3.txt from the old profile I had backed up to my new profile. Worked with no problems.

    If you are using Ubuntu you will navigate to your Home folder and check Show Hidden Files in View then look in folder .mozilla

  7. Davis Tan

    A much easier way is to use XMarks (previously known as FoxMarks).

    This will sync and backup both bookmarks and passwords between a few browsers.

  8. clydesdale

    Doesn’t work on FF 3 or higher

  9. humayun

    wao its great
    mind blowing
    its working
    thanx alot dear

  10. humayun

    its working with

  11. Lokesh

    Any manual method to do so? without using the add-on?

  12. tom bk

    >Any manual method to do so? without using the add-on?

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