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Auto-Hide Your Cluttered Firefox Status Bar Items

One of the reasons that I love Firefox is the dozens of extensions that I have installed to customize the browser, but it seems like every extension includes another icon or widget, and by this point the status bar looks like an instrument panel… so how can I make them hide until I need them?

The answer is very simple, in fact… there’s a user style that will hide all extra statusbar items, while keeping the regular Firefox items intact… until you move your mouse over the status bar, and then they all show again. Brilliant!

Installing Auto-Hide Style

To use this Stylish script, you’ll need to have the Stylish extension installed, then just click the “Load into Stylish” button on the user style page (links at the bottom).


You’ll be asked to save the style, and immediately after installing, here’s the nice clean status bar…


It even still works as normal when you hover your mouse over a link:


But when you move your mouse over the status bar, then it shows your cluttered list of icons and whatnot:


It doesn’t work perfectly, but it does work pretty well with most extensions, and is now an indispensable part of my script library.

Removing Auto-Hide Style

To remove this, click on the Stylish icon and choose “Manage Styles” from the menu.


You can either remove the checkmark next to it, or just select it and click the Delete button.


Note: I tested this in both Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 beta 3

Download Stylish from Mozilla Add-ons

Download Statusbar “Mouseover for Clutter” User Style from

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  • Published 03/26/08

Comments (11)

  1. darkkosmos

    Or you can use this addon to hide the items you don’t need

  2. The Geek

    That’s a great extension as well, thanks for mentioning it.

    It would work well in conjunction with this… sometimes there are items I never want to see, but I often use the status bar widgets… I just don’t want to see them until I mouse over, which was the reason for writing this method up.


  3. Alek Davis

    It’s a nice extension, but when I use the Mousover for Clutter style, I see a bunch of separators sticking next to each other. Does anyone know a way to hide separators at the same time as status buttons? Looks kinda ugly.

  4. king kong

    hey what app did you use for displaying page rank and alexa rank? its nice and simple! is it the same app

  5. king kong

    thanks for the great feedback :S

  6. Syahid A.

    Wow, this is a really useful tip. My status bar is going to get a makeover soon!

  7. cookiemonster

    actually this only unclutters the statusbar not auto-hide it like the way XP auto-hides XP taskbar.

  8. Bast

    Is there anyway to incorporate the firefox status (progress meter) into the link bar as in Opera?

  9. Rexserd

    how do i get rid of that extra google toolbar up on the top using firefox and haven’t been able to find out how ..will someone please tell us all …thx

  10. charlieg68

    yea very cool ff 2.0 ha an extension to auto hide the bookmark tool bar but was incompatible w/ff3…gotta see if they updated it…

  11. Lane

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