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Add Search Forms to the Firefox Search Bar

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could add search plugins for any search form to the Firefox Search Bar, instead of having to create the plugin yourself or wait for the site owner to stop being lazy and make one?

It’s good that there’s an extension for Firefox called Add to Search Bar that will add a new context menu item to let you create your own search plugins on the fly.

For instance, you can right-click on the search box here and then choose Add to Search Bar…


You’ll be prompted to give it a name, I chose to shorten the site title down a bit.


And there we go, now I can search the How-To Geek from Firefox.


I’ve tested this on a number of sites, seems to work pretty well… at some point I’ll stop being lazy and make an official search plugin.

Download Add to Search Bar from Mozilla Add-ons

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  • Published 09/1/07

Comments (7)

  1. Roderick

    The extension add to search bar didn’t work on my computer.Any suggestions?

  2. Emilie LaFave

    Hi, glad you’re smart about this stuff. Is there a way to put a “Compose” button on my Firefox toolbar, so that when I copy something I want to e mail to someone I can just click on an e mail compose button to send it, instead of having to go back to my Home Page, and then click on “compose”, you know like AOL has the “write” button at the top?
    Leaving something on the forums – then I forget how to get back there. Sorry. You don’t have to answer this. Thanks, Emilie LaFave in NC

  3. Rob Cohen

    This is a great idea but doesn’t seem to work with Firefox 3.1. When I right/click in the search box I get an “Undo” box. If I just click on the drop-down for the search box it’s just the usual “manage search engines” dialog.
    I did try the following to see if I could find the problem. I disabled Firefox add-ons one by one until all but the Add to Search Forms bar was disabled. Still no joy so I tried uninstalling them all:
    Add to Searchbar 1.7
    Customize Google .72
    DownThemAll 1.03
    User Agent Switcher .6.11
    Google Earth Plugin 4.3.9543.7852 (this one has the Uninstall button greyed out…) Had to uninstall via the Control Panel/Add Remove Programs and restart Firefox.

    Finally, with only the Add to Search Box add-on enabled/installed still no joy. Maybe the extension needs an update?

    Rob Cohen

  4. Rob Cohen

    Update –
    that’s Firefox 3.01

    And it looks like the problem may only occur on with search engines that are part of the default base – but that makes it impossible to add something like which is very handy and one of the reasons I keep an instance of IE running most of the time.


  5. Evan

    hey guys, i really like this add on and have been using it a while

    do you know how to make seperate bars? i have alot of search engines in ff now, and i’d like to have them seperate

    for instance have 3 different search bars, one for work, one for wiki, etc, one for wow – then have them on the page

    i’d like to have a whole row of work’s search engines separately, so that i can just click then search our various forums, without having to use the drop down menu :)

  6. Reedo

    Didn’t work with FF 3.03.

  7. B1663R

    Awesome!! thanks for finding this!!

    works great! FF Ver.3.0.4 on Vista 64 bit

    really ticked when FF dropped this for some reason

    see you on LH Geek!!

    Thanks again!

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