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Fun Wallpapers: The Linux Desktop Edition

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Yeah, it’s a little ironic that we’d put together a collection of Linux wallpapers since we cover mostly Microsoft topics—but we’re also fans of open-source goodness and use Linux all the time.

Linux not your thing? Check out our roundup of Awesome Abstract Art wallpapers.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size image—not all of them are going to fit every resolution so you might have to adjust them a little. They’re still fun, though.



















Daniel Lyell is our very own Geek Intern, and he's always on the lookout for sweet customization stuff.

  • Published 06/10/09

Comments (21)

  1. Asian Angel

    The “All Your Window Are Belong To Us” one is my favourite from the group. ^__^ Just perfect. ^__^

  2. JHubbard92

    Haha, very good, agreed I like Linux/Ubuntu , but I would prefer Windows :P

    I like Linux for it’s simplicity, and the fact that it is very customisable!


    is there 1280×800 versions?

  4. Jacki

    Love it Thanks

  5. Danny

    Sigh, Linux would’ve been a great alternative OS if it weren’t for the constant MS/Windows bashing by its fanatical users and some developers.

  6. I Love Freedom

    How can it be a wallpaper with a dictatorial criminal AND Debian?

    If you love Freedom you must hate dictatorships and Che was a fu++++ criminal bast++++++

  7. Beauseph

    Very nice, Very nice

  8. Senshikaze

    @ danny:
    Whats funny is that Windows would still suck if windows users would stop bashing Linux.

    Good wallpapers. I liked the #!/bin/bash and “Warning” wallpapers.

  9. Patkos Csaba

    @I Love Freedom:
    “How can it be a wallpaper with a dictatorial criminal AND Debian?”

    And what’s really funny is, that on the paper in the background of that Debian wallpaper, there is a recipe for a typical Hungarian cake written in Romanian language…

    So, that wallpaper is a mess of contradictions … but if you don’t know Che and don’t understand the text on the background, it looks good.

  10. Abdullah

    Very nice, Very nice

  11. Ray

    I get it, we all love freedom but Che Guevara? Gimme a break, the guy was an assassin and a murderer. Hundreds if not thousands of Cubans died in his hands. I think you need to do a little more research before you give in to the hippie fad and stop associating the image of Che with anything freedom. I see no reason for political propaganda in a pc/tech blog. Shouldn’t you show a little more sensitivity and respect to some of your readers and remove that picture?

  12. Rene Levesque-Caline

    Nice ones.
    I added 5 of them in my KDE wallapaper rotation:

    We suck more juice box
    slackware rocks baby
    microsoft and the two penguins

  13. Marx

    I have to agree with everyone else about the Che one but I did enjoy the wallpapers.

    @Danny: I use Linux almost exclusively, and I agree somewhat about what you say. There’s a small but very vocal group that will go out of their way to bash MS any chance they get. But it goes both ways. There’s is also a small and vocal group of Windows users who will bash and spread the same FUD about Linux. That said, as someone who is not a FOSS purist, and who uses Linux because it lets me have my computer do and behave how *I* want it to, I find the Ubuntu community to be very friendly and a lot less fanatical. I think it has a large part to do with the fact that it gets a lot of people new to Linux, but they’re always helpful. While you may get a response saying search the forums cause it was already answered, you want get the “RTFM NOOB!” response of some of the other communities. Just an FYI in case you ever thought about giving it a shot.

  14. ray

    @ The Geek ……..and while you’re at it why don’t you remove a romanian’s comment as well? I am not even american but I don’t see why such ignorance and hatred should be allowed in an otherwise great site. @the romanian,,,,,,,,you’re an idiot, I am just as European as you are and you do not speak for all of us. Who the hell do you think you are and who bestowed such powers upon you?

  15. The Geek


    You are right, I deleted all the really angry comments. (and accidentally wiped out my own comment too).

    Anyway, I’m not allowing anymore nasty comments on here.

  16. Ray

    awwwwww………….much respect for you Sr

  17. Kyle Flanagan

    I think it was the ‘All Your Window Are Belong To Us’ that made my day.

  18. ãñÐrî ñâwáwï

    Linux… for a better life…

  19. patel riken

    this site is very nice i like it very much..

  20. Pete

    I have nothing against the Windows OS. It’s Microsoft I can’t live with. I’m told how to run my computer in too many ways. I transfer my LP records to my computer and then can’t play them because I need a ‘licence’ from Adolph Gates. I can’t format and reload my computer without permission from Microsoft before I can activate Windows. If I want to run Windows on more than one computer in the house, I have to buy extra copies at $130 a pop. All these reasons (and more) are why I’m working to make Linux my OS. No-one tells me how and when I can do these things on my computer with Linux.

  21. Ivydapple

    Am I the only one that missed the wallpapers that pwn Mac/Apple instead? >_<

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