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Awesome Desktop Wallpapers: the Abstract Art Edition

Let’s face it—browsing around the web looking for great wallpapers can be loads of fun, but it’s not very productive. We’ve decided to spend our time putting together collections of great images for your enjoyment. Today’s collection is abstract random wallpaper fun.

Click on any of the images below for a larger version of the image more suitable for using as a wallpaper. Since everybody’s desktop might be a different size, you may have to crop or adjust the images for best effect.





















Got some suggestions for wallpaper roundups you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments.

Daniel Lyell is our very own Geek Intern, and he's always on the lookout for sweet customization stuff.

  • Published 06/5/09

Comments (30)

  1. Gaurav

    Some widescreen wallpapers now please…

  2. Idfc

    This looks amazing Geek. Where do you get them from?


  3. Agantfleabag

    WOW these are amazing!!
    Thank You Geek.

  4. The Geek

    Thank our new intern Daniel, who found them and put together this post for everybody =)

  5. jake

    HOW DARE YOU NOT MENTION digitalblasphemy? i would like to call you a blasphemer but that wouldn’t be appropriate. a simple apology and an acknowledgement that though these guys rock, digitalblasphemey pwns them TOTALLY.

  6. Vader_07

    I think the next big set of wallpapers should focus around space.

    Thanks! :)

  7. jed

    Hey do you guys have this in a zip or something so we can download all of the pictures or something like that?

  8. Aleeve

    Great post thanks

    While a little over-the-top, I think Jake has a point about digitalblasphemy – some beautiful wallpapers to be found there

  9. The Geek


    Yes, they are really great… but I didn’t think they were free, at least not for the premium, high-res wallpaper. In any case, this is just the first of many upcoming posts around desktop customization, so there will be something for everybody.

  10. Daniel Lyell

    Thanks for the feedback Jake. I will definitely try to find some free wallpapers from digitialblasphemy for future roundups.

  11. dcgirl

    These are gorgeous – really like the one of the tree in a bubble – beautiful!!

  12. Aaron

    These are great. Thanks.

    I had a 4 monitor setup at work. I can never find wallpaper where the edges match so that the images appear continuous across all 4 screens. Difficulty: it has to be at least semi-professional looking. Any suggestions?

  13. jake

    mea culpa my bad. last time i was at digitalblasphemy i was so spoilt for choice i never picked anything as such never realised they cost money. :) however they are worth a glance. as someone who uses two monitors, i feel i must use something other than the trust mario bros wallpaper

  14. dinesh

    Hi Geek, lovely wallpapers. Can we have some more alien wallpaper please?

  15. hatbocs

    None of these look like they’re actual wallpapers. Just pictures from the digital-art section of dA.
    Disappointing because they look nice.

  16. darjan

    Great wallpapers.Can i catch few for my blog if you don’t mind?

  17. Jay

    I agreee with hatbocs..

    There’s a difference between nice graphic and a wallpaper. The size of wallpaper image should match the resolution of the desktop (1024×768, 1440×900 etc.), or it will be stretched (and look non proportional, or blurry if the image too small), or leave a blank space (usually black) on top/bottom or left/right.

    A good example where you can find wallpaper that fits you desktop resolution is:

  18. Jordan

    Beats anything that windows gives you for “stock”. Very cool collection.



  20. 3d Wallpapers

    I love these 3d wallpapers , thanks for sharing

  21. Chris Collins

    The 7th one makes me think of Gungans. Am I alone on this one?

  22. Thomas

    It s NICE !

  23. Zinich

    Nice wallpaper list! Thanks!

  24. Donna Marie

    These are incredibly beautiful wallpapers. I am used to seeing the mondane floral arrangements that I create myself. Koodos to the artists.


    thank for share

  26. karim

    it’s fantastic


    very nice, i think i need it. Thanks

  28. jordan

    omg i love your wallpapers its not blurry and they are so cool!

  29. Ivydapple

    The third one was just a tad disturbing. ;)

    Seriously, they’re great. Good job, guys! :)

  30. allstar!@

    these are some awesome wallpapers

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