How to Get Alerted When Somebody Has Dugg your Article is the absolute biggest source of traffic that most content authors are going to ever see. The “Digg Effect” can cripple your site within an hour, so it’s nice to know if somebody has submitted one of your articles to Digg. Here’s a quick and dirty trick on how to set up an alert.

First, go to the Digg Search page at

Type in the base URL to your site into the search form:

Make sure that you’ve selected “URL Only”, and “Upcoming Stories”. Leave the other options as default. Now hit the search button. 

Looks like I don’t have any upcoming stories… but if you look over on the right, there’s an RSS icon!


Subscribe to the RSS feed for this search, and your RSS reader will let you know when you have been dugg, before it ever gets to the front page.

If you do want to only be alerted when you get to the front page, you can change the search to “Front Page Stories” and subscribe to that feed instead. Or both. Or not at all.


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