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How to Get Alerted When Somebody Has Dugg your Article is the absolute biggest source of traffic that most content authors are going to ever see. The “Digg Effect” can cripple your site within an hour, so it’s nice to know if somebody has submitted one of your articles to Digg. Here’s a quick and dirty trick on how to set up an alert.

First, go to the Digg Search page at

Type in the base URL to your site into the search form:

Make sure that you’ve selected “URL Only”, and “Upcoming Stories”. Leave the other options as default. Now hit the search button. 

Looks like I don’t have any upcoming stories… but if you look over on the right, there’s an RSS icon!


Subscribe to the RSS feed for this search, and your RSS reader will let you know when you have been dugg, before it ever gets to the front page.

If you do want to only be alerted when you get to the front page, you can change the search to “Front Page Stories” and subscribe to that feed instead. Or both. Or not at all.


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  • Published 12/27/06

Comments (23)

  1. Tim

    This tip is great, I’ve just used added a feed for my site. Nice site!

  2. The Geek


    I really like your site… I put a card up earlier today, which I’m sure is how you found me =)

  3. ChevronX

    Very nice and simple, im just about to do it now, thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovedeep Wadhwa

    Nice Tip.

  5. Ali

    Or if you watch your web stats more than your feeds then you will know anyway.

    So two ways to find out if you have been dugg or not.

  6. No Shame Auctions

    Nice to learn from a geek! Thanks for the info!

  7. Matt

    Ah, nice one. I will be using this.

    You have some nice tips on your blog – there’s something for everyone/

    Also I came through digg, but obviously you have already been alerted that your story has been dugg ;-)

  8. Joost Magic

    Take your rss feed and use feedblitz or similar service and you can get it to email you on your cell phone or webmail automagically!

  9. Andres Santos

    actually this quick and dirty method works great!

  10. Bill Hartzer

    Great tip, I totally forgot about the RSS icon being there for that search.

  11. phpAdsNew Payment Module

    Great article ! I am going straight to set up the rss now!

  12. Mimi and Flo

    This is great! Thanks How-To Geek.

    Mimi and Flo

  13. Steener

    Great tip, never thought of doing this. Now i can follow my sites on digg.

  14. Tim

    Hey one thought, it’s a good idea to use your URL as “” instead of “”. That way both versions will be picked up by the search.


  15. tash

    Not that I expect to be dugg anytime soon, but thanks for the tip!

  16. Jules

    Nice find! Thanks!~

  17. Marc

    thats a useful tip, but there is no digg button on this page.

  18. inspirationbit

    also, you can install Digg This plugin for WordPress – automatically sends you an email when your post has been dugg

  19. Adam Dempsey

    Great tip, gonna do that. Also thanks inspirationbit, I’m going to install the WordPress plugin too :)

  20. Vozzon

    I doubt anyone is going to read this because this is an old post but this was released yesterday and I thought this is relevant.

    It is a flash program based on the new API that makes a noise everytime someone diggs an article you’re tracking. It’s nifty.

  21. The Geek

    You’d be surprised how many people read this post… thanks for the comment, cool utility.

  22. Etali

    Nice idea – I’ve just set this up now. I love to keep an eye on which stories are popular, but always forget to check to see if anything has been dugg.

  23. Toyang Qren


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