As this site has gained popularity, the time required to keep the site running has also grown. For instance, even though Akismet blocks virtually all of the spam comments, I still have to manually filter through hundreds of spam comments per day to see if any valid comments were blocked.

And so, the Geek’s Spam Filter was born.

This spam filter is designed to completely block and delete most, but not all spam. It runs before Akismet does, so it saves processing time on your site, as well as a lot of your time.

Feature List

  • Deletes any spam with more than 5 links. The majority of spam has a zillion links because not only do dirty rotten spammers never stop, they are also stupid.
  • Blocks any comments containing any one of a whole bunch of spam words. These are defined manually in the plugin file.
  • Runs before Akismet does, so it will work in conjunction.
  • Explains to the spammer in a very friendly way that you hate them.
  • Works fine with WordPress MU edition.

Things this plugin does not do (sadly)

  • Track down the dirty rotten spammers and beat the living daylights out of them.


HowToGeek Spam Filter version 0.3


Unzip the zip file into your wp-content/plugins directory and then activate in the WordPress panel.


0.3 Changed logic to concat the fields together to reduce processing time
Added more keywords to the list
0.2 Added URL to list of fields to check. Unsure of why I didn’t do that in the first place
  Added a number of extra keywords to the list
0.1 First version.